Your Struggles Are Simply A Blessing In Disguise

I feel we will all agree that life will not be straightforward. There have been moments in my life and in your life that we didn't think about overcoming.

However guess what? You probably did it!

You fought a few of your hardest, darkest battles, and also you made it out ALIVE. At instances you thought you have been drowning in a deep, darkish ocean, however you held your breath and located your option to the shore and to security.

There have been instances if you thought that the hurricane would blow you away, however you survived. There have been instances that the earth shook, however you held your floor. And perhaps some days it was the smallest battles inside your self, however these appeared just like the heaviest masses to hold and the toughest battles to win. However did you not come out stronger and really feel extra alive than ever?

No person has ever mentioned that this life will solely convey you rainbows; I can promise you as we speak that it’s not at all times sprinkles and sparkles. There are tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis that you simply face in sure chapters of your life.

And once more, some days just a little rainfall will catch you off guard, however don’t you ever lose hope amidst these adversities.

Bear in mind, it's these struggles in your life which are shaping you into the individual that you have been at all times meant to be, the particular person you have been destined to change into.

I do know now what I didn’t know then…

With out my struggles, the small ones and the large ones, I might not be the particular person I'm as we speak. I sit right here now and have a look at these troublesome chapters in my life as a few of my largest blessings in disguise.

There's a lesson to be discovered in each ache, in each battle, in each battle you face — throughout the world and inside your self. TC mark

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