Your Challenges Don’t Expose Your Weaknesses, They Reveal Your Strengths

I need you to shut your eyes and consider a troublesome expertise affecting you proper now. Earlier than you learn any additional, do that easy step to get a way of how the issue is upsetting you. Chances are you'll expertise a spread of feelings and I invite you to welcome them. Don’t push them away as a result of they're uncomfortable. Permit them to be current since disagreeable feelings can train us one thing helpful if we're current to them. Good, now open your eyes and let’s speak extra about your issues. Fortunately, you might be one among billions of individuals on this earth fortunate sufficient to expertise challenges. Fortunate you say? Are you insane Tony? How am I fortunate to have issues? You're fortunate as a result of your challenges comprise the seeds of alternatives you have got but to find.

Challenges comprise huge development and after we overcome them, we are able to by no means return to our outdated lifestyle. They assist us recognise the countless prospects and develop our consciousness. After I requested you to ponder a present downside earlier, you little question skilled the destructive feelings related to it? And you'd be proper to really feel this fashion as a result of from the place you stand the issue appears insurmountable. Nevertheless, while you bridge the hole, it's diminished and you'll be able to see your challenges from a brand new perspective. You’re unable to understand your downside with that mindset now since you haven’t gained the mandatory development.

It’s straightforward to see how our challenges expose our weaknesses, however we ought to consider it in a different way: in addition they reveal our strengths. If we settle for the feelings that come up, we are able to work by way of our challenges extra successfully. For instance, I bear in mind working with a younger girl named Jennifer inside a training capability. Every time she skilled difficulties in her life, she would name me in a frenzy and clarify how the state of affairs was consuming her. At some point throughout a training session, I invited her to sort out her challenges with out permitting her nervousness, worry and frustration to get the higher of her. I requested her to welcome these emotions since they had been attempting to show her one thing helpful. Beforehand, she needed to do away with them as a result of they didn’t really feel good. And I perceive she would really feel that manner, nevertheless destructive feelings can present us the place we have to direct our consideration.

Does this make sense? Are you snug with the concept destructive feelings serve a objective and we needn’t really feel helpless due to them? I counselled Jennifer to pay attention to her response and never push the feelings away, since they had been attempting to show her one thing necessary. Given she felt anxious and irritated every time, meant the issue was necessary to her. It requires altering our response so we stay calm as an alternative of reacting to what's going down. We must work together with our core feelings and work by way of the problems as an alternative of responding negatively. For instance, when you requested somebody near you whether or not the state of affairs you’re experiencing is a significant downside, they may assume in any other case. The explanation you react to it, is that you're closely invested within the final result. I’m not suggesting that is detrimental, I'm implying you settle for your emotions by altering your response to what it means.

Individuals imagine issues expose their weaknesses due to the destructive feelings that accompany it. If we expertise worry, frustration and anger we would imagine we're incapable of overcoming the expertise due to the negativity concerned. However they're signposts informing us the issue is necessary to us, in any other case we wouldn’t be experiencing them. So, welcome the destructive feelings and course of them as finest you possibly can after which take care of the issue earlier than you. Are you able to do that? Are you able to give your self the present of your issues from a brand new perspective as an alternative of staying mired in negativity? I guarantee you, you possibly can overcome any impediment life throws at you. It’s a matter of biting by way of it one piece at a time, chewing it completely and digesting what you must.

You aren't meant to bridge the hole from downside to answer in a single go, in any other case you'd be a genius. Issues and challenges come up due to the teachings and development required for our life’s journey. They happen as a result of the gap between the issue and the answer is the place progress takes place. We are able to’t rush the expansion any greater than wishing a rose would develop faster when planting the seed. We should nurture it each day with: water, correct soil and daylight. And so it's with our challenges. Understanding this, I’d such as you to return to your earlier downside. Write all of the feelings you might be experiencing on the left-hand aspect of a bit of paper or journal. Subsequent to every emotion, write what you contemplate is the alternative of that emotion. For instance when you really feel worry, what's the reverse of worry for you? Is it: braveness, religion, hope or endurance? When you’ve gone by way of the listing, mirror on what these destructive states are inviting you to know. Ponder them very first thing within the morning and the very last thing at evening. Belief that your present state of affairs is asking you to beat your weaknesses to disclose your true energy of character.

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