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Starring: Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Sturdy, Jack Dylan Grazer, Djimon Hounsou, Grace Fulton, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Faithe Herman, Cooper Andrews, Marta Milans



Superhero fantasy journey based mostly on the DC Comics character of the identical identify directed by David F. Sandberg. The story facilities on 14-year-old Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who as soon as once more finds himself in a brand new foster-family. The troubled Billy is sooner or later confronted by an historical wizard (Djimon Hounsou), who offers him the ability to remodel into an older, godlike superhero, Shazam (Zachary Levi), upon uttering the phrases “Shazam.” Billy and his new foster-brother, Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer), should learn to use his new powers to cease the villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Sturdy).



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Ms. E.B. Glover: Foster residence in Pittsburgh reported you lacking two weeks in the past.
Billy Batson: You sending me again?
Ms. E.B. Glover: No. They don’t need you.
Billy Batson: [chuckles] Harsh.
Ms. E.B. Glover: You snicker, however you’ve run from foster houses in six counties, Mr. Batson. From good individuals, who need you, all in pursuit of somebody who arguably doesn't. It’s time somebody regarded you within the eye and instructed it to you straight.
Billy Batson: I don’t want dad and mom to play make consider with. I bought a mother.
Ms. E.B. Glover: Sure. You’re some detective. Seventy-three Batsons, between the ages of twenty-eight and forty, and also you’ve crossed out each one.
Billy Batson: She’s nonetheless on the market. I do know it.


Ms. E.B. Glover: There’s a pair outdoors, Mr. Batson. They run a gaggle residence.
Billy Batson: I can handle myself.
Ms. E.B. Glover: Whenever you’re eighteen. Till then, I received’t have you ever residing on the streets on the lookout for somebody who by no means regarded for you. Give these individuals an opportunity, as a result of that’s what they’re supplying you with. You’re out of choices.


Rosa Vasquez: Freddy. That is Billy Batson. Be sure you make him really feel at residence, okay? Possibly don’t say something too bizarre?
Freddy Freeman: Oh, one bizarre factor is the Romans used to brush their enamel with their urine? And apparently, it really works.


[as Billy looks out the bedroom window]
Freddy Freeman: Oh, it’s, uh, it’s a good distance down. Belief me, I communicate from expertise.
[he takes hold of his walking crutch and stands]
Freddy Freeman: Victor pushed me. They appear good, however don’t purchase it. It will get actual Recreation of Thrones round right here.
Billy Batson: What?
[starts chuckling]
Freddy Freeman: Dude, I’m simply messing round. It’s, um, it’s terminal most cancers, I've three months.
[awkward silence]
Freddy Freeman: Kidding, once more! You have a look at me and also you’re, like, “Why so dark? You’re a disabled foster kid, you’ve got it all.” Proper?


[to the Wizard]
Dr. Sivana: Are you aware what it’s like for a kid to be instructed you’ll by no means be adequate? No, you don’t. What you stated to me all these years in the past made me understand who I actually was. And one thing? I'm not pure of coronary heart.


[Freddy joins Billy at the school diner]
Freddy Freeman: Flight or invisibility? Should you might have one superpower, flight or invisibility, what would you decide? Everyone chooses flight. You already know why?
Billy Batson: To allow them to fly away from this dialog?
Freddy Freeman: No, as a result of heroes fly. Who doesn’t need individuals to suppose they’re a hero, proper?
[Billy gets up and leaves]
Freddy Freeman: However invisibility, no method. I imply, that’s excellent. Spying round on individuals who don’t even know you’re there. Sneaking round all over the place. It’s a complete villain energy, proper?
[everyone in the diner goes quiet and turns to look at Freddy]


[as Freddy is getting beaten by bullies at school]
Darla Dudley: Don’t contact my brother!
Burke Breyer: What, you want your pretend household to face up for you?
Brett Breyer: Get up for your self, man.
Burke Breyer: Yeah, huh?
[they continue to beat him]
Burke Breyer: Right here, rise up. Get up for your self.
Brett Breyer: What are you going to do?
Burke Breyer: Go residence, cry to mommy? Oh, yeah, you don’t have a mommy.
Darla Dudley: Cease hurting him!
Billy Batson: Hey!
[Billy uses Freddy’s walking crutch to beat the Breyer brothers]
Billy Batson: Man, sorry about that. That wasn’t truthful, however then once more, you don’t play truthful, so.


Wizard: Billy Batson.
Billy Batson: How do you know my identify?
Wizard: I'm the final of the consul of wizards. Keeper of the Rock of Eternity.
Billy Batson: Oh. You’re that man. Hear, I don’t have any cash.
Wizard: Don't patronize me, boy! You might be standing within the supply of all magic. The Rock of Eternity. Seven foes, seven wizards. However way back, we selected a champion. And we selected recklessly. He used his energy for revenge. Releasing the Seven Lethal Sins into the world. Thousands and thousands of lives had been misplaced. Complete civilizations erased from existence. That's the reason I vowed by no means to move on my magic till I discover one really good particular person. Sturdy in spirit. Pure in coronary heart.


Billy Batson: Look, man, perhaps that is magic. I don’t know, however the individuals you’re on the lookout for, good, pure individuals, I’m not considered one of them. I don’t know if anybody is de facto.
Wizard: You, Billy Batson, are all I've. All of the world has.
[slams his staff in front of Billy]
Wizard: Lay your fingers on this employees.
Billy Batson: Gross.
Wizard: And say my identify so my powers might stream via you. I open my coronary heart to you, Billy Batson. And in so doing, select you as champion.
Billy Batson: Thanks. Don’t scream at me, mister, however I actually bought to get going.
Wizard: My brothers and sisters had been slain by the sins. Their thrones lie empty! My magic should be handed on.


Wizard: Now, communicate my identify!
Billy Batson: I don’t know your identify, sir. We simply met.
Wizard: My identify is Shazam.
Billy Batson: [chuckling] Wait, for actual?
Wizard: Say it!
Billy Batson: Okay! Jeez.
[Billy puts his hand the staff]
Billy Batson: Ought to I say it? Like, Shazam?
[lightning explodes from the staff]
Wizard: Sure! Carry my identify, and with it you carry all of my powers. The knowledge of Solomon! The energy of Hercules! The stamina of Atlas! The ability of Zeus! The braveness of Achilles! And velocity of Mercury!
[Billy transforms into a grown man godlike superhero]
Shazam: What occurred to me? Why am…? What did you do to me? What did you do to my voice?
Wizard: You might have been remodeled to your full potential, Billy Batson. Along with your coronary heart, unlock your best energy. The thrones of our brothers and sisters await!
[he gives Billy his staff and then turns to dust]


[Shazam holds up the signal “Don’t Scream” as he seems outdoors the window and instantly Freddy screams]
Freddy Freeman: Uh, Victor! Victor! Victor!
Shazam: No, wait, don’t scream. It’s me! It’s Billy! It’s Billy! You requested me, flight or invisibility? I believed that was silly, however now I appear to be this and I would like your assist! Meet me again right here after lights out?


[just after he’s seen Billy as Shazam outside the window]
Victor Vasquez: What’s up, bud? You alright?
Freddy Freeman: Yeah. Yeah. I’m simply, I’m actually unhappy, as a result of Billy’s gone. And, , perhaps it’s my fault. Possibly I did it. Uh, , perhaps I snore.
[he embraces Freddy]
Victor Vasquez: Hey, hey, hey. Not your fault, son, alright? We’ll discover him, okay? You don’t snore that unhealthy. However you type of scent.


Shazam: Look, Freddy, I swear it’s me, okay? Look, I do know we’re not likely shut pals or something, however you’re the one person who I do know that is aware of something about this Caped Crusader stuff.
Freddy Freeman: That’s Batman.
Shazam: What?
Freddy Freeman: Neglect it. Can I…?
Shazam: Oh, yeah, yeah.
[as Freddy gets his hands close to the lightning bolt on Billy’s costume, golden electricity comes out]
Freddy Freeman: Oh! Oh, my God!
Shazam: It’s loopy, proper?
Freddy Freeman: What are your superpowers?
Shazam: Superpowers? Dude, I don’t even know the best way to pee on this factor!
Freddy Freeman: Okay. Are you able to fly?


[to Billy as Shazam]
Freddy Freeman: Electrical energy manipulation, hyperspeed, tremendous energy! Dude, you’re stacked! You’re as cool as Superman, nearly.


Shazam: I’d wish to buy a few of your best beer please.
[the store clerk looks at him with boredom and points to where the beers are]


[as they are buying beer]
Freddy Freeman: I don’t find out about this. I imply, we don’t have a pretend ID.
Shazam: Freddy, would you loosen up? Take a look at me, I'm the pretend ID.


[confronting the armed robbers at the convenience store]
Shazam: Gents, why use weapons after we can deal with this like actual males?
[he takes the gun away from the robber as the robber points it at him, then the other robber points]
Freddy Freeman: Billy, look out!
[the robber shoots him and the bullet falls to the ground]
Freddy Freeman: Bullet immunity. You might have bullet immunity!
Shazam: I’m bulletproof.
[Freddy starts filming Billy using his phone]
Freddy Freeman: Right this moment is December eighth, and that is video proof of authenticity. Shoot him once more.
Shazam: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right here, right here.
[he offers the gun back to the robber]
Shazam: Go, each of you. Come on. Go to city.
[both robbers start shooting at Billy, but the bullets just ricochet off him]
Freddy Freeman: Wait, wait! Wait, wait! We nonetheless don’t know if the swimsuit is bulletproof or in case you are.
[to the robbers]
Freddy Freeman: Shoot him within the face.
Shazam: Shoot me within the, within the face?
[the robbers shoot Billy in the face, and the bullets just ricochet off his face]
Shazam: It type of tickles.
[to the robbers]
Shazam: You’re useless.
[we see the robbers come crashing through the store window]


[as they walk out of the convenience store]
Shazam: Sorry about your window.
Freddy Freeman: Have a great night time.
Shazam: However you’re welcome for not getting robbed!


[to the woman passing them by]
Shazam: Oh, hey. What’s up? I’m a superhero.
Freddy Freeman: Yeah, his identify is, uh, Captain Sparkle Fingers.
Shazam: No, it’s not. No, it’s not! It’s not my identify! Hey, we should always hang around. We’re like the identical age.


[to Freddy; sitting at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art]
Shazam: I imply, it’s a fairly sick view. I completely get why Rocky was coaching so arduous to rise up right here.


[they enter Darla’s room]
Shazam: I instructed you this was a foul thought.
[Darla turns on the light]
Rosa Vasquez: Freddy?
[from outside Darla’s room]
Rosa Vasquez: Freddy, what occurred to the steps?
[Billy as Shazam quickly goes over to Darla and covers her mouth]
Freddy Freeman: Hey, masking her mouth such as you’re going to kidnap her will not be going to make her much less scared, okay?
[Billy as Shazam takes his hand off Darla’s mouth]
Shazam: Darla, it’s me, it’s Billy. I do know I don’t appear to be me. A wizard made me appear to be this.
Freddy Freeman: Possibly don’t begin with the wizard, it’s simply going to make her extra confused.
Shazam: Some outdated man introduced me to a temple, and he made me say, “Shazam.”
[just then electricity in the house blows out as Victor is putting the Christmas lights onto the tree]
Victor Vasquez: Rosa!
[back in Darla’s room Billy has turned back into himself]
Freddy Freeman: Verbally triggered physique manipulation properties. You possibly can change by saying, “Shazam!”
[back in the living room]
Rosa Vasquez: Child, was that you just? Are you okay?
Victor Vasquez: Uh, I used to be screwing in a bulb.


Freddy Freeman: Take heed to me, Darla, you can't inform anyone about this, alright?
Darla Dudley: However it’s Billy, he’s the hero.
Freddy Freeman: Yeah, but when a supervillain finds out that he’s a hero, that endangers us. Okay, heroes family members are like the right unhealthy man goal.
Billy Batson: Is she even good at conserving secrets and techniques?
Darla Dudley: Reasonable.
Freddy Freeman: No.
Billy Batson: Oh, God.


Dr. Sivana: What sin finest befits you, father? Hm?
Mr. Sivana: I’ll offer you something. Cash. The corporate? You need the corporate?
Dr. Sivana: There it's. Greed. Do you truthfully suppose all this materials you’ve collected quantities to precise energy?
[referring to his Seven Sins]
Dr. Sivana: That is energy. Greater than you ever had. Greater than anybody has.


[referring to his father]
Dr. Sivana: Oh, Greed, you possibly can have him.
Mr. Sivana: No. No!


Freddy Freeman: Extra highly effective than a locomotive.
Shazam: Locomotive? What are you? An outdated prospector?


[as he’s walking by people and zapping electricity to their cellphones]
Shazam: Your cellphone’s charged. Your cellphone’s charged. Your cellphone’s charged.
Freddy Freeman: You already know what? You really want like a mic-drop catchphrase after you do one thing cool.
Shazam: I’ve been fascinated by that. I used to be pondering, what about, what about this, “That’s why you don’t mess with electricity.”
Freddy Freeman: Catchphrases, clearly, aren’t considered one of your superpowers.
[zapping electricity to the cellphone of the man walking by them]
Shazam: And your cellphone’s charged.
[to Freddy]
Shazam: Properly, you suppose you may do higher?
[the man’s phone’s explodes]
Pissed Off Telephone Proprietor: What the hell?!


Realtor: A lair?
Freddy Freeman: Sure. And clearly, we’re going to must be making this buy anonymously.
Realtor: Clearly.
Freddy Freeman: And, um, in case you have a location like on a cliff, like a castle-esque kind factor.
Shazam: Overlooking some water.
Freddy Freeman: Overlooking some water, seas under it. Tough, .
Shazam: Like a waterfall, so you possibly can, like drive into…
Freddy Freeman: Then we’ll take, waterfall! Yeah, in case you have a water, Yeah.


Shazam: Dude, did you see that?
Freddy Freeman: Yeah, you electrocuted a bus and nearly killed these individuals.
Shazam: After which I caught it! Freddy! I caught a bus with my naked fingers, man. I caught a bus like individuals catch fly balls. Like who does that? I do this.


Freddy Freeman: Billy, you do nothing, you are taking selfies and make individuals pay you. You already know what, neglect it. I can’t actually speak to you while you appear to be this.
Shazam: You simply want it was you.
Freddy Freeman: No shit. You suppose? I might kill to have what you've. As a result of all the things I do is like some determined try and get individuals to note me, to not really feel sorry for me. I imply, have a look at me. Take a look at me. Do you even see me? As a result of most individuals don’t, as a result of they don’t wish to. And now you don’t both. I imply, you suppose that is who you're? I imply, Billy, you’re fourteen. And now you’re no higher than the Breyers. All this energy, and all you probably did was flip right into a showoff and a bully.
[Freddy turns and walks off]
Shazam: No matter, child. I do what I need! And I’m like mid-twenties, in all probability. Possibly even like thirty.


Dr. Sivana: Chosen one. The so known as excellent man. Pure of coronary heart. Flawless in each method. What made you so worthy?
Shazam: I’m sorry, can I assist, can I assist…? Would you like a autograph or one thing?
Dr. Sivana: Give me your energy, or die.
Shazam: Oh, snap. You’re like a foul man, proper?


Shazam: Look, earlier than this will get actually silly for you, you must know that I’m mainly invincible.
[he punches Billy and throws him onto a police car]
Dr. Sivana: The weapons of man draw no blood from our type. The one factor that extinguishes magic is magic. Time to switch your energy to me.
[Billy punches Sivana]
Shazam: Oh, you didn't see that one coming, did you, grandpa? Them’s road guidelines!


Dr. Sivana: Billy. The place is he?
Freddy Freeman: Um, supervillain. Supervillain! Supervillain!
Dr. Sivana: Worse. A lot worse.
Freddy Freeman: Radioactive anthromorph. Psychic vitality manipulator.
[Sivana nods his head]
Freddy Freeman: I received’t allow you to learn my thoughts. My thoughts is clean. You possibly can’t get in.
Dr. Sivana: I don’t have to learn your thoughts. As a result of you'll inform me. The place is he?


Dr. Sivana: Good boy. As a result of that’s all you're, isn’t it? How outdated are you?
Shazam: Mainly, fifteen.


[Billy uses his powers to transport himself and his siblings and they end up at a strip club]
Darla Dudley: Why are you masking my eyes?
Mary Bromfield: Actually? That is the primary place you consider? Wow!
Shazam: You’re welcome.
Darla Dudley: Why can’t I see what’s inside?
Mary Bromfield: You aren't sufficiently old.
Darla Dudley: Sufficiently old to know that was nice music.


[as they all touch the Wizard’s staff]
Shazam: Say my identify.
Freddy, Pedro, Eugene, Mary, Darla: Billy!
Shazam: No, not my identify. No. Say the identify that I say to show into this man.
Freddy, Pedro, Eugene, Mary, Darla: Shazam!


[after Shazam uses the Wizard’s staff to turn his sibling to superheroes and help fight Sivana]
Superhero Freddy: Dude, I’ve studied the combating methods of each single superhero. What do you bought?
[one of the Seven Sins extends his claws]
Superhero Freddy: Properly, that’s terrifying.
[Superhero Freddy turns and runs off]


Dr. Sivana: Sufficient video games, boy. You suppose a pack of kids can…
[Shazam can’t hear him from where he is stood]
Shazam: Wait, what?!
Dr. Sivana: You'll beg for mercy as I feast in your coronary heart slowly…
Shazam: Are you making some like large evil man speech proper now or one thing? You’re like a mile away from me proper now. There’s automobiles and vans…
Dr. Sivana: I'll have the world consuming out of the palm of my hand…
Shazam: All I see is mouth transferring. I don’t hear any…
Dr. Sivana: Solely I've the ability to unleash…
Shazam: Oh, no matter, screw it.


[to one of the Seven Sins]
Superhero Freddy: You’re not going to consider this, however you’re really the primary villain I’ve ever fought. It’s like type of an enormous deal for me.


[after Shazam removes Eye of Sin from Sivana]
Shazam: Right here’s the factor about energy. What good’s energy should you bought no one to share it with?
Superhero Mary: Good.
Superhero Freddy: Ta-da.
Superhero Pedro: That’s disgusting.


[looking at the Eye of Sin in his hand]
Shazam: What’s that? I can have something I’ve ever wished?
Superhero Mary: Billy, no.
Superhero Freddy: No, no, no, no!
[Billy looks like he’s going to place the Eye of Sin in his head, but then starts laughing]
Shazam: It's best to hear your self.
Superhero Mary: That’s not humorous.
Shazam: What, did you suppose I’m going to place a demon ball in my head? That’s disgusting.
Superhero Mary: It’s not humorous.
Superhero Eugene: Fairly humorous. You bought me going.


Superhero Freddy: You guys know what this place is, proper?
Superhero Darla: A darkish haunted cave with demon statues.
Superhero Freddy: Properly, sure, but additionally…
Shazam: Lair! We bought a lair!
Superhero Mary: Lair.
Superhero Freddy: Yeah. We bought a lair.
Superhero Darla: What’s a lair?


Newscaster: And because of six superheroes, residents are again of their houses secure once more with their households. And right here with an eyewitness account of the occasions…
[suddenly a mall Santa grabs her microphone]
Mall Santa: It was f***ing loopy, man! Creatures from f***ing hell! Lightning popping out of everybody’s f***ing all the things. And that's not f***ing cool, man…


[as Freddy is having lunch by himself at school, Mary, Pedro, Eugene and Darla come to join him]
Freddy Freeman: What are you guys doing right here?
Mary Bromfield: Properly, we’re having lunch with you.
Freddy Freeman: However you guys have totally different lunch intervals.
Mary Bromfield: Properly, we made a really particular association.
Freddy Freeman: Darla, what’s happening?
Darla Dudley: Why are you asking me?
[just then Billy as Shazam enters the diner]
Shazam: Freddy Freeman!
[everyone in the diner is shocked]
Shazam: This man taught me all the things I find out about being a dope superhero. True story, you must get some pointers from him.
[he sits next to Freddy]
Shazam: What’s happening, my finest bud in the entire world? And likewise new youngsters that I’m assembly for the primary time, however appear very cool. Uh, I invited one other good friend, I hope that’s okay.
[Superman enters the diner and walks over to Freddy’s shock and awe]
Freddy Freeman: Huh!


[mid-credits lines; an imprisoned Sivana is writing symbols all over his cell walls]
Mister Thoughts: [laughing] Primitive symbols. You strolling, speaking monkeys along with your cave drawings. You assume there’s just one means to realize magic. No, no, no. There are extra methods than a thoughts can think about.
Dr. Sivana: What in God’s identify?
Mister Thoughts: I identify the gods, physician, not the opposite method round. Oh, what enjoyable we’re going to have collectively. The Seven Realms are about to be ours.
[does an evil laugh]


[trying to talk to a fish to see if he has telepathic communication with fishes]
Shazam: Don’t beat your self up, buddy. You’re going to search out somebody. Yeah, I’m certain, as a result of there’s loads of fish within the sea!
[starts laughing]
Shazam: In fact it’s not actual, I can’t speak to fish! Even when I might, I imply truthfully, what might we do with that that’s cool?
Freddy Freeman: I don’t know, perhaps command a military of billions within the ocean?
[he points to his Aquaman t-shirt]
Shazam: Oh, yeah. Properly, that’s not that cool.

Whole Quotes: 45


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