Second Act Greatest Film Quotes – ‘The only thing stopping you is you.’

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Annaleigh Ashford, Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia, Freddie Stroma, Dan Bucatinsky, Deal with Williams, Larry Miller



Romantic comedy directed by Peter Segal by which the story follows massive field retailer worker, Maya (Jennifer Lopez), who's battling frustrations from unfulfilled desires. Nevertheless, when she reinvents her life and her way of life, this will get her the prospect to show to Madison Avenue that avenue smarts are as priceless as a university diploma.


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'Even out of the most important catastrophe, there can nonetheless be hope.' - Maya (Second Act) Click on To Tweet
'No relationship constructed on a lie can ever survive.' - Trey (Second Act) Click on To Tweet
'Our lives are formed by a collection of selections. One resolution main to a different, bringing us occasions of nice pleasure, or years of remorse. Ultimately, it is as much as us. We get to write down our personal story.' - Maya (Second Act) Click on To Tweet
'The reality is, our errors do not restrict us. Solely our fears do.' - Maya (Second Act) Click on To Tweet
'Day-after-day you get up and have a second likelihood to do no matter you need, to be whoever you need. The one factor stopping you is you.' - Maya (Second Act) Click on To Tweet


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[as Maya is getting ready to go to work]
Trey: That’s a scorching outfit.
Maya: I must look skilled.
Trey: Calm down, okay? Everybody there loves you.
Maya: I simply, I don’t know if I can do that. Each supervisor at our firm has a university diploma.
Trey: Yeah, effectively, I’d argue that fifteen years expertise is price, what, ten levels?
Maya: To not these folks.
Trey: Oh.
Maya: However thanks.


Maya: I ready for this assembly for weeks.
Weiskopf: And you probably did nice.
Maya: Look, I’ve put fifteen years of my life into this retailer. And after turning into assistant supervisor six years in the past, gross sales have elevated at a file tempo.
[to Arthur]
Maya: Look, I imply no disrespect, however what have you learnt about this retailer, or the individuals who store right here?
Arthur Coyle: I focus on group constructing.
Weiskopf: Arthur received his MBA from Duke. I believe you’ll discover he’s the perfect man for the job.
Maya: No, sir. I'm.
Weiskopf: The place did you go to school, pricey?
Maya: I've my GED.
Weiskopf: I respect that. I do. However we now have minimal job necessities in place for a motive.
Maya: And what's that motive?
Weiskopf: I need you to know the way a lot we worth you and your loyalty.


[giving a speech about Maya at her birthday party]
Trey: And anybody, any company dickhead who doesn’t recognize simply how wonderful this lady is, effectively, babe, as they are saying…
Everybody: “It ain’t over until it’s over.”


Maya: Screw them.
Joan: Yeah, screw them. Who?
Maya: Them. The educated folks of their fancy homes, who title their youngsters after fruit, and climb Kilimanjaro.
Joan: Sure, screw them.


Maya: I imply, doesn’t it make you loopy that simply since you didn’t get a level while you had been eighteen, you don’t qualify for a job while you’re freaking forty?
Joan: Properly, to begin with, who stated life is truthful? Proper? I imply, come on, your godson going to Stanford on a Google scholarship, that sort of helps to even issues out, don’t you suppose? Come on, Maya, it’s a title. It doesn’t outline you.
Maya: Says the lady who can’t say her son’s title with out mentioning that he’s going to Stanford.
Joan: That is true. Okay. Alright.
Maya: I imply, and you need to. You must. It’s wonderful.


[making her wish for her birthday]
Maya: I want that we lived in a world the place avenue smarts equaled e book smarts.


Joan: Hey, uh, some girl known as for you. Um, one thing a few job interview from F&C.
Maya: Franklin and Clarke?
Joan: I don’t know.
Maya: Those who make half the stuff on aisle seven, eight, and eleven.
Joan: Oh. Okay.
Maya: I didn’t apply for a job there.
Joan: Uh, alright, you pulled it out of me. You bear in mind your birthday want?
Maya: What? Dilly?
Joan: He used your authorized title, don’t fear. He put you up for some jobs. He did.
Maya: I didn’t ask him to.
Joan: Okay, alright.
[referring to Arthur]
Joan: Properly, you realize what, you possibly can both develop some balls, or spend the remainder of your life with Lord Bag-of-Dicks.


[at her job interview with F&C]
Anderson Clarke: Your resume pursuits me. You come from gross sales?
Maya: Fifteen years. I’m sorry, what is that this place for?
Anderson Clarke: I’ve usually thought that gross sales ought to have a larger voice in product improvement.
Maya: I couldn’t agree extra.
Anderson Clarke: I imply, the market’s solely getting extra aggressive.
Maya: And shoppers are solely getting smarter.
Anderson Clarke: Oh, sure, they're. You reside right here within the metropolis?
Maya: I’m in between residences.
Anderson Clarke: Household?
Maya: Simply me.


[at her job interview with F&C]
Maya: I notice that my credentials aren’t usually what…
Anderson Clarke: Oh, you're proper about that.
[looks at her resume]
Anderson Clarke: Harvard undergrad, magna cum laude. Then there’s your philanthropy, all of the work with the Peace Corps. And naturally, you've got to see her Fb web page.
Zoe: Her Fb web page?
Maya: My Fb web page?
[turns the laptop around to show a photo of Maya pointing to Kilimanjaro]
Anderson Clarke: I've been coaching for Kilimanjaro for months.
Maya: Is that proper?
Anderson Clarke: Properly, Zoe? What do you suppose?
Zoe: I believe I’ve seen sufficient. Thanks for coming in, Maya.
Maya: Yeah, okay. Thanks.


[after her interview at F&C]
Joan: Oh-oh. She doesn’t look glad.
Otto: She doesn’t look glad.
Maya: I’m not glad.
Joan: They didn’t such as you?
Maya: No, they thought I used to be very completed, given my MBA and my stint within the Peace Corps. Who can blame them?
Joan: Peace Corps?
Maya: Yeah, it’s all proper there on my Fb web page.
Joan: However you’re not on Fb… Dilly!


Joan: Did you create a Fb web page for Maya? And don't lie.
Dilly: Sure.
Joan: Okay, that was simple.
Maya: However it wasn’t simply Fb.
Dilly: Okay, give me some credit score. This can be a murals. I imply, I gave you a very new identification. You’ve received your personal WIX web site, and it’s received social and company.
Joan: What?
Maya: Why, Dill?
Dilly: Properly, on your birthday. I imply, you stated you wished to be fancy, so I similar to Cinderella’d your ass.
[Joan smacks Dilly on the back of his head]
Joan: Oh, alright.
Dilly: I used to be going to make use of your porn title, however you don’t even use your authorized title anymore, so…
Maya: My porn title?
Dilly, Joan: Yeah, first pet, first avenue.
Joan: Mine’s Fluffy Valley.
Dilly: Okay, so it’s an entire new you, nevertheless it’s nonetheless you as a result of it’s your actual title. I’ve received all the pieces. I’ve received your college information, employment historical past. I imply, the FBI couldn’t debunk this, so it’s mainly actual.
Joan: Besides it’s bullshit.
Otto: Yeah, it’s bullshit.


Maya: That was F&C. They wish to rent me.
Joan: Shut up. I assumed that skinny bitch kicked you out of her workplace?
Maya: She did. I imply, I mainly trashed their complete skincare line.
Joan: Perhaps that was a take a look at to see when you had been a straight shooter. The lie received you within the door, however you bought the job, child. I imply, come on. You might do that. You might do that.


Joan: Hey, who’s the champ?
Maya: What?
Joan: You’re the champ.
[she lightly slaps Maya in the face]
Joan: Come on, who’s the champ?
Maya: What?
Joan: Who’s the champ?
Maya: Huh?
[she slaps Maya again]
Joan: Come on, get up. Who’s the champ? Let’s go.
[she slaps Maya again]
Joan: Who’s the champ?
Maya: I‘m the champ?
Joan: You’re the champ.
[she slaps Maya again]
Joan: You’re the champ. Yeah. Come on.
[as Joan goes to slap Maya again, Maya hits her back]
Maya: Cease!
Joan: Alright, simply go.


Arthur Coyle: Are you quitting?
Maya: Better of luck to you.
[Maya turns and starts walking away]
Arthur Coyle: Better of luck to you. It’s not simple getting a job for a lady your age.
Joan: Uh-oh.
Massive Ant: Boop.
Suzi Teplitsky: Mm-mmm, mm-mmm.
[Maya turns and walks back towards Arthur]
Joan: No, this isn't going to be good.
Suzi Teplitsky: Oh, she about to fuck you up.
Maya: Watch me.
[she takes off her overalls and walks off]


Trey: I simply, I can’t imagine you stated sure.
Maya: I do know. I do know, my head remains to be spinning.
Trey: Yeah, however, you imply, you’re going to return clear, proper?
Maya: Look, I admit that the best way I received in was lower than sincere, however what I did in that room… Look, I can do that.
Trey: Okay, I’m glad for you, babe.


Trey: I imply, hey, possibly you are taking this supply. You inform them we want a pair weeks, and we are able to go away and begin a household. I imply, this might be a extremely good factor.
Maya: Trey, I can’t. It’s simply not the precise time.
Trey: Our timing by no means appears proper, does it? I imply, we’ve been speaking about this for 3 years. I all the time thought we had been heading to this. You already know, I desire a household, Maya. I need youngsters, and I need that with you. We are able to even undertake.
Maya: Oh, child.
Trey: No. It’s apparent we would like various things.
Maya: Trey…
Trey: We shouldn’t do that anymore.


[as Maya is getting ready for her first day at F&C]
Joan: Oh. Oh, no, you appear like Mrs. Doubtfire.
Maya: I’m making an attempt to look respectable, not too slutty.
Joan: Oh, alright, effectively, no downside there. That outfit’s like dick repellent.
Otto: What’s dick repellent?
Joan: Okay, out.


Joan: Hey, go together with plan something apart from that. And wipe that face off your face, missy factor, okay?
[Maya continues to get ready]
Joan: Alright. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Maya: Wait, that is my workplace?
Hildy Ostrander: Mm-hmm.
Maya: Wow. That is…
Hildy Ostrander: I do know. We’ll have the decorators proper up so you possibly can repair it.
Maya: That is actually nice.
Hildy Ostrander: Cancel the decorators.


[referring to the apartment that F&C has given her]
Maya: I don’t know what I’m doing right here.
Joan: You don’t know what you’re doing right here? I’ll inform you what you’re going to do. You’re going to, you’re going to take these playing cards right here. You’re going to, you’re going to decorate the half. You’re going to purchase your self these fancy sneakers with the purple bottoms. Alright, you realize what? As your buddy, I’m going to take these off your palms. Thanks.
Maya: Don’t you dare.
Joan: No, I’m going to take them, since you don’t appear to be appreciative of it. So, I’m going to go. Okay.
Maya: No!


Zoe: So, we're taking a look at taking over a brand new Chinese language distributor. Their CEO is on the town and needs to fulfill me and Ron for dinner this Thursday. His English is sketchy at finest. Dad thought you might assist us out.
Maya: Okay.
Zoe: Our go-to translator is on his honeymoon, and the one worker we now have who speaks Mandarin is…
Maya: Me?
Zoe: Yeah.
Maya: Okay.
Zoe: Nice.
Maya: Nice.
Zoe: Thursday.
Maya: Yep.


Joan: Oh, my God! You're so butt-fricked.
Maya: It’s not humorous, Joan.
Joan: Oh, it's.
Maya: I virtually killed folks in a ship race. Now I’m going to homicide Mandarin. I don’t communicate Chinese language.
Joan: Alright, so that you do plenty of nodding. I imply, males don’t hearken to us anyway.
Maya: I’m severe.


Joan: I simply received an thought. Our cat’s veterinarian. He’s the nicest man on this planet, and he speaks Mandarin.
Maya: And the way does that assist me?
Joan: Properly, if this works, you owe me massive time.


[in Mandarin to Maya]
Philip Jiang: I discover Ron boastful. What’s his downside?
[Maya listen through her hidden earpiece for Joan’s vet to provide her a reply in Mandarin, which he does as he’s treating a dog]
Maya: [subtitled] His anal glands want milking.
Philip Jiang: [laughing] I like her.


Zoe: However understanding that I used to be given up for adoption, you possibly can’t assist however develop up with a way of rejection.
Maya: “Am I good enough? Is something wrong with me?”
Zoe: Precisely.
Maya: I'd have accomplished something to maintain you.
Zoe: You already know, I do know we haven’t precisely gotten alongside, however I actually admire you. Simply all the pieces you’ve completed. You’re sort of who I wish to be after I develop up.


[introducing her friends to Anderson and Zoe]
Joan: Howdy. Sure, we had been simply on our method to the alumni social for Norton.
Maya: Wharton.
Joan: Norton. Wharton. Yep.
Maya: Um, Zoe, Anderson, these are my pals from…
Suzi Teplitsky: Harvard.
Joan: We, uh, we did a while within the Peace Corps collectively.
Massive Ant: We save whales.


Maya: I imply, come on, Joan. Critically? “Save the whales”?
Joan: Properly, she nailed it in rehearsal. Anyway, we had been serving to. Nonetheless coming to my birthday, proper?
Maya: In fact. I simply want you'd’ve informed me.
Joan: Properly, she stated she wished to fulfill your mates.
[Maya groans]
Joan: Oh, I’m sorry. Out of the blue, we don’t exist? Hey, don’t confuse this new Fb factor with who you actually are, okay?
[referring to Zoe]
Maya: My daughter thinks I’m this wonderful individual. What am I imagined to do?
Joan: I don’t know. Strive telling her the rattling reality?
Maya: You don’t perceive. Alright, that might kill her. Perhaps, sooner or later, after we get to know one another higher.
Joan: Sooner or later while you get to know. I bear in mind you saying the identical factor about Trey.
Maya: You already know what, that’s a shitty factor to say.
Joan: I’m sorry, effectively, if the shite suits.


[referring to Zoe]
Maya: I’m a multitude. And you realize what? I hate the lie. However I've to be the individual that she thinks I'm, or I might lose her once more. And I couldn’t survive that.
Joan: You act such as you don’t have a alternative.
Maya: I don’t.
Joan: Wow. You already know, it’s unhappy that she’s not going to fulfill the previous Maya. As a result of she was fairly wonderful.
[Joan walks off]


Maya: I spotted one thing on the get together. Even out of the most important catastrophe, there can nonetheless be hope.
Chase: Which catastrophe are we speaking about?
Maya: Hiroshima.
Chase: Wait. What?
Maya: After we dropped the bomb, the navy despatched a group into Japan to see if the radiation had depleted. The one factor left that hadn’t been destroyed was one single residing tree. The leaves had already began rising again. The residents, they constructed a shrine round this tree. And the troopers took clippings from it. A type of troopers was my grandpa.
Chase: What sort of a tree was it?
Maya: Silver ginkgo.
Maya: After my grandpa returned house, he took his clippings and planted a tree for my grandma.
Chase: And it’s immune to radiation.
Maya: AKA the solar.


Trey: I imply, all that discuss household, and I assumed it was me you had been hesitant about.
Maya: No, I used to be ashamed. I simply, I assumed I didn’t should have… I ought to’ve informed you.
Trey: You must’ve informed me. You let me fall in love with a model of you, and no relationship constructed on a lie can ever survive. You had been all the time adequate. However you’re the one one which ever doubted it.


[giving a speech at F&C’s public board meeting]
Maya: Thanks, Zoe. Anderson. Thanks for giving me an opportunity. You already know, some folks by no means get an opportunity as a result of they will’t afford the precise schooling, or they don’t have the diploma to get in the precise doorways. And also you’re appropriate, Zoe. Perhaps I'm the place I'm as we speak as a result of I wasn’t afraid to inform the reality. Even when it hurts. And the reality is, the reality is, the reality is a lie. For the previous seven years, I’ve been an assistant supervisor on the native Worth Store in Ozone Park. I invented my résumé. I by no means went to Wharton. I by no means even graduated from highschool.
Zoe: What?
Chase: Holy cow.
Ariana: Cool.


Maya: I assumed it was what I needed to do to get in these doorways.
Ron Ebsen: And there you're.
Maya: I assumed none of you'd even have a look at me when you knew the reality. As a result of I assumed I wasn’t adequate. So I gave you a model of me. However, for higher or for worse, I've to be who I actually am. And I’m Maya Davilla, from Queens, New York. That’s the true me. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lied. To any of you.


[Zoe is reading a letter from Maya]
Maya: [voice over] Pricey Zoe, I do know that many individuals imagine in destiny. And belief me, there are occasions I want I used to be one in every of them. I imagine we create our personal destiny, that our lives are formed by a collection of selections. One resolution main to a different, bringing us occasions of nice pleasure, or years of remorse. Ultimately, it’s as much as us. We get to write down our personal story. I’ve made some spectacularly terrible selections in my life. And two good ones. Alongside giving start to you, the perfect resolution I ever made was to provide you up. Since you by no means would’ve turn into you if it weren’t on your mother and father. And since you’re precisely the individual I’d wish to be after I develop up. You'll all the time be the perfect factor that ever occurred to me. I’m sorry I messed it up, once more.


[in her letter to Zoe]
Maya: [voice over] We spend half our lives wanting again wishing, if we’d solely accomplished it in a different way, chosen smarter, not made so many errors.


[in her letter to Zoe]
Maya: [voice over] However the reality is, our errors don’t restrict us. Solely our fears do. And as unpredictable as this journey has been, I'm so glad it lastly led me again to you.


[Zoe sees Maya as she’s going for a run]
Maya: Congratulations. Your dad informed me you had been again. Welcome house.
Zoe: Thanks.
Maya: You bought your diploma. Now what?
Zoe: I don’t know.
Maya: You suppose we might begin over?
Zoe: I used to be pondering of going for a run.
[Maya looks disappointed]
Maya: Okay.
Zoe: Do you wish to include me?
Maya: Yeah. I’d like that. So much.
[Zoe embraces Maya as they both cry]


[last lines]
Maya: [voice over] Day-after-day you get up and have a second likelihood to do no matter you need, to be whoever you need. The one factor stopping you is you.

Whole Quotes: 37


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