Learn This When It’s Time To Pause Your Scrolling

Scrolling by my feed I really feel myself fading. No, I’m not scrolling by Instagram earlier than mattress and getting drained. I’m scrolling by for a second as I eat my lunch at work.

Image after image. I get exhausted. What are we doing? What are we posting? Why? If you’re ‘supposed’ to love every thing, really feel the compulsion to double faucet, every thing simply begins to really feel pointless. I’m not saying I don’t actually love that image of my pals child. Or, I didn’t love that CrossFit meme. What I’m saying is, why are we doing this?

Social media lately simply makes me query why we publish. Why do I publish a tacky quote image from an app I learn each morning on the bus? Why do I publish photos of espresso or my exercises? Why do I repost memes? Is it for me? Or is it for others to see?

Is it as a result of I would like different folks to see it? Is it as a result of I feel it says one thing about who I'm after I publish these issues?

Most days, I truthfully simply assume it’s behavior at this level. I publish that morning inspirational quote as a result of it’s what I learn after which do after I’m on the bus. I publish photos of espresso as a result of that’s what folks have come to know me for and anticipate.

After which sometimes I get in a temper like this. I query it. I really feel gross about it. Why? Is it as a result of I would like some type of sick reassurance that my life is someway attention-grabbing sufficient to publish? Is the purpose for others to see what I publish and assume one thing of me as a result of I publish these issues? Is it validation?

The cycle continues.

And regardless, I nonetheless discover myself scrolling. Liking.

There’s significant content material on Instagram. Photographers telling tales of the homeless. Poets creating content material that stops you in your tracks with phrases that minimize to your core. Physique-positive activists altering society with their phrases and posts.

However there's loads of content material that simply leaves me questioning why we’re posting. Makes me query why social media as soon as appeared like such an effective way to maintain involved with others and now simply appears like infinite, meaningless scrolling.

Why do you act the way in which you do on social media?

I’m certain all of us have nuanced causes for our social media habits. Perhaps many people haven’t actually taken time to consider why we behave the way in which we do on social media. Nonetheless, I feel it’s essential all of us take a step again and look at our social media use.

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