If You Haven’t Heard It Currently, I’m Proud Of You

Some individuals develop up in environments the place they hear the phrases “I’m proud of you” as usually as they hear “hello”. Others develop up solely listening to from afar as they’re being stated to another person. 

Life is filled with issues that make individuals pleased with us. They’re normally the large milestones like getting married, graduating, getting promoted, or changing into a guardian. Different occasions we hear these phrases for extra token victories like assessments handed, objectives scored, or prizes awarded. However usually the occasions these phrases are uttered are few and much between. And typically, it's simply good to listen to. 

So, in case that you must hear it, I’m pleased with you. 

Life is hard. Adulting can suck. I’m pleased with you for going to that thankless job you hate simply to pay payments. I’m pleased with you for doing what you need to with a purpose to make ends meet. 

Feelings are overwhelming and despair/anxiousness is actual. Some days getting away from bed is the hardest factor you need to do. I’m pleased with you for doing, for mustering each ounce of energy and power from inside to stand up and easily make it by way of they. 

I’m pleased with you for ending poisonous relationships and crappy friendships. I’m pleased with you for realizing your value and never accepting something much less.

I’m pleased with you for the small victories others might imagine trivial. I’m pleased with you for these sober days, for the day you managed to make it to the health club, for the wholesome meal you lastly ate as an alternative of pizza and tacos. I’m pleased with you for steps you’ve taken to enhance your self and your life, massive and small. 

When it looks like life is tough and the glass is at all times half empty, keep in mind somebody is pleased with you. And you ought to be pleased with your self as effectively.

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