Happy Brother's Day! 50 Best Quotes For Brothers

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Ever since I was little I wanted a younger sister. The thing about life is it doesn’t always give you what you want, sometimes it gives you what you need. I never once asked for a brother and I ended up getting four of them. As you can imagine I wasn’t the least bit thrilled at first.

When I was six, I didn’t really think brothers had much value. I’d never been a sister before and I had no idea what that was like. I was an only child. So all I could do was go off what I saw on TV — and trust me those sitcoms did sisterhood justice.

I had no idea what my brothers and I would relate to when it came time for me to be a big sister. I knew that they would not want to do anything “girly” with me as a sister would. So I didn’t know how to be a big sister to a little brother.

As I got older and spent more time with my brothers, I realized that we had a lot more in common than I originally had thought. My preconceived notions of us not being able to be friends or hang out quickly disappeared because my brothers became some of my best friends.

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Just because my brothers are some of my best friends, that doesn’t mean they don’t annoy and irritate me. Trust me they do! But that’s what siblings do, and these National Brother's Day quotes prove just that.

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