Black and Blue New Film Quotes – ‘You got a price on your head.’

Starring: Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Reid Scott, Beau Knapp, Mike Colter, Frank Grillo


Thriller directed by Deon Taylor by which the story follows a rookie cop, Alicia West (Naomie Harris), who inadvertently captures the homicide of a drug seller on her physique cam. After realizing that the homicide was dedicated by corrupt cops, she groups up with the one individual from her group who's prepared to assist her, Milo ‘Mouse’ Jackson (Tyrese Gibson), as she tries to flee each the criminals out for revenge and the police who're determined to destroy the incriminating footage.




Police Companion: [to Alicia] Let me ask you a query. You suppose you’re black? You suppose they’re your folks? Properly, they’re not. We're. Don’t you ever neglect that. These streets are a warzone. You’re blue now.


Police Companion: I obtained to fulfill a CI.
[Alicia goes to get out of the car]
Police Companion: Woh, woh, woh, the place are you going? Keep within the automotive.


[Alicia hears something and goes to investigate, she sees her partner with two other cops talking to a man in a warehouse]
Man: Pay attention, you already removed everybody that might speak.
[Alicia sees one of the men kills the man, and her partner sees Alicia]
Police Companion: What the hell are you doing right here, rookie?
Corrupt Cop #1: Woh, woh, woh, woh. Simply calm down. We’re all cops right here. This isn’t what it appears…
[the other cop shoots Alicia, who falls through the roof]
Corrupt Cop #1: What did you do?
Corrupt Cop #2: She had a physique cam on!


[looking for Alicia]
Corrupt Cop #2: Look, we obtained to go! She’s gone!
Corrupt Cop #1: Discover her!


Alicia West: Assist! I’ve been shot.
Man in Home: And also you’re going to deliver that to my door! There ain’t nothing for you in right here.


[after stopping a police car]
Police Officer #1: Let’s get you out of right here.
[Alicia here’s through her radio]
Police Officer #2: We obtained her.
[Alicia starts to backup]
Police Officer #1: Don’t be silly. All he desires is the physique cam.
[Alicia makes a run for it]


Alicia West: I’ve been shot.
Milo ‘Mouse’ Jackson: What? You'll be able to’t be in right here with this. The police, they’ll assist you to.
Alicia West: It was the cops that shot me.


Corrupt Cop #1: She can not get again to the precinct to add the footage on that digicam. Each cop and prison on this metropolis is coming to search out her.
Drug Lord: I need her useless. Put everyone on it.


Milo ‘Mouse’ Jackson: [to Alicia] You bought a worth in your head.


Milo ‘Mouse’ Jackson: What you going to do?
Alicia West: I’m going to reveal them.


Alicia West: Homicide is homicide, it don’t matter who you're.


Milo ‘Mouse’ Jackson: [to Alicia] In the event that they arrest us, all of this might be for nothing.


Milo ‘Mouse’ Jackson: Is that this your plan?
Alicia West: We’re nonetheless alive, aren’t we?


[referring to Alicia]
Missy: She picked her facet.


Corrupt Cop #1: [to Alicia] You bought a tough option to make proper now. Are you one in all us, or are you one in all them?


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