Aladdin Finest Film Quotes – ‘A diamond in the rough.’

Starring: Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban, Nasim Pedrad, Billy Magnussen, Numan Acar



Disney’s stay motion musical fantasy journey directed and co-written by Man Ritchie. Primarily based on Disney’s 1992 animated film, which follows Aladdin (Mena Massoud), a poor road urchin who spends his time stealing meals from within the metropolis of Agrabah. His adventures start when he meets the Sultan’s (Navid Negahban) daughter, Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott), who desires to have a say in how she lives her life.

Aladdin’s luck instantly modifications when he retrieves a magical lamp from the Cave of Wonders. What he unwittingly will get is a fun-loving Genie (Will Smith), who solely needs to have his freedom. Little do they know is that the Sultan’s sinister advisor Jafar (Marwan Kenzari), has his personal plans for each Aladdin and the lamp.



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Omar: Their ship is so massive.
Lian: Want ours was that fancy. I’d be so blissful if ours was that fancy, as a result of then…
Mariner: Why is that? As a result of is seems higher? This boat has seen us via many a storm. It might not seem like a lot, however it has one thing theirs by no means will.
Omar: What? Wooden rot and rats?


[to the guard, referring to the prisoners ]
Jafar: You convey me the tough, however by no means a diamond. Take them away. Take them away.


Jasmine: And thanks for getting me out of there. Aladdin, isn’t it?
Aladdin: Uh, you’re welcome…
Jasmine: Um, I’m Dalia.
Aladdin: Dalia. From the palace.
Jasmine: How may you inform?
Aladdin: Nicely, solely somebody from the palace may afford a bracelet like that. And that silk lining is imported too. It comes from the service provider boats straight to the palace, however to not servants. At the least not most servants. Which implies you're a handmaid to the Princess.
Jasmine: Spectacular.
Aladdin: You assume that’s spectacular. You must see town from up there.


Jasmine: Agrabah. It’s so lovely. I ought to get out extra.
Aladdin: You must inform the Princess to get out extra. The individuals haven’t seen her in years.
Jasmine: They received’t let her. Ever since my, the Queen was killed, the Sultan’s been afraid. So she’s saved locked away.
Aladdin: Appears everybody’s been afraid since then. However the individuals of Agrabah had nothing to do with that. The individuals liked her.
Jasmine: They did, didn’t they?


[referring to the oud]
Jasmine: Is that this yours?
Aladdin: It’s type of borrowed.
[Jasmine starts playing a tune on the oud]
Aladdin: My mom taught me that music.
Jasmine: Mine too.
Aladdin: It’s all I bear in mind of her.
Jasmine: And what about your father?
Aladdin: I misplaced them each once I was younger. Been alone ever since. It’s alright, it’s simply…
Jasmine: What?
Aladdin: It’s a bit unhappy, having a monkey as the one parental authority in your life.
[Jasmine laughs]
Aladdin: We get by. Day by day, I simply assume issues will likely be completely different, however it by no means appears to vary. Simply generally, I really feel like I’m…
Jasmine: Trapped. Like you may’t escape what you had been born into?
Aladdin: Sure.


Aladdin: It’s simply one other prince coming to courtroom the princess.
Jasmine: Sure, and I've to get her prepared. Oh, do you may have my bracelet?
Aladdin: Positive.
[he pats his pockets trying to find it]
Aladdin: I’m certain I put it in right here. Someplace. Abu, did you're taking it?
Jasmine: That was my mom’s bracelet.
Aladdin: Sure, it’s lovely.
Jasmine: You're a thief.
Aladdin: No. No. Sure, however…
Jasmine: I used to be so naive.
Aladdin: No…
Jasmine: Excuse me.
[Jasmine turns and walks off]
Aladdin: Wait. Wait. Wait! Wait, it’s not like that!


[referring to Abu taking Jasmine’s bracelet]
Aladdin: Abu. There’s a time that we do steal, and a time we don’t. This was undoubtedly a don’t.


Jasmine: However Dalia, there must be one thing I can do.
Dalia: A good-looking prince desires to marry you. Oh, when will life get simpler?
Jasmine: It’s not that I don’t need to marry, it’s simply…
Dalia: You need to be sultan. However why?
Jasmine: You bear in mind my mom used to say, “We would only ever be as happy as our least happy subject.” If she noticed what I noticed in the present day, she could be coronary heart damaged.
Dalia: She would additionally need you to be secure. And clear. I’ll draw the tub.


[after Aladdin turns up at her rooms in the palace to return her bracelet]
Jasmine: How did you get previous the guards?
Aladdin: That was difficult. However I've my methods. Whereas the Princess is out, would you prefer to go for a stroll? Have a bit chat?
Jasmine: You’re unbelievable. You can't simply break right into a palace and stroll round such as you personal the place.
Aladdin: If you happen to don’t have something, you need to act such as you personal every little thing. So, what do you say? I did discover your bracelet.
Jasmine: You didn't discover it, you stole it.
Aladdin: Correction, the monkey stole it.
Jasmine: He’s your monkey.
Aladdin: He’s nonetheless only a monkey.


Aladdin: The place am I?
Jafar: In a world of bother, boy.
Aladdin: That bracelet. Is that what that is about? As a result of I didn’t steal it. The handmaid…
Jafar: What was a handmaid doing carrying the Queen’s bracelet?
Aladdin: The Queen? No, no. She mentioned that it belonged to…
Jafar: Her mom. Nicely, no less than she advised the reality about one factor.
Aladdin: Are you saying that was the Princess? I used to be speaking to the…
Jafar: She was toying with you. It amuses her to fulfill commoners. Did you really assume she favored you?


Jafar: What do they name you?
Aladdin: Aladdin.
Jafar: Aladdin. Individuals like us have to be life like.
Aladdin: Us?
Jafar: You see, I used to be as soon as such as you. A standard thief. Solely I assumed larger. Steal an apple, and also you’re a thief. Steal a kingdom, and also you’re a statesman. Solely weak males cease there. You’re both probably the most man within the room, otherwise you’re nothing. You, you stumbled upon a chance. I could make you wealthy. Wealthy sufficient to impress a princess. However nothing comes at no cost.
Aladdin: What would I've to do?
Jafar: There’s a cave close by, and in it, a easy oil lamp. Retrieve it for me, and I'll make you rich sufficient to impress a princess. You’re nothing to her. However you can be. Your life begins now, Aladdin.


Jafar: [to Aladdin] The Cave of Wonders. Once you enter, you will note extra riches than you ever dreamed of. Gold, diamonds, and the lamp. Carry it to me and I'll make you wealthy and free. However take no different treasure, regardless of how sorely you might be tempted. And you may be tempted.
[as Aladdin approaches the cave, it opens up]
Cave of Wonders: Just one might enter right here. One whose value lies far inside. A diamond within the tough.
Jafar: Keep in mind, take nothing however the lamp.


[as Aladdin picks up the lamp, Abu touches one of the jewels in the cave]
Aladdin: Abu, no!
Cave of Wonders: You've gotten touched the forbidden treasure! Now, you'll by no means once more see the sunshine of day!


[as Aladdin is trying to escape from the closing cave]
Aladdin: Might you give me a hand?
Jafar: First, the lamp.
Aladdin: No, no, first, your hand.
Jafar: We don’t have a lot time. Give me the lamp.
[Aladdin gives Jafar the lamp]
Aladdin: Your hand!
Iago: Second no extra, Grasp.
Aladdin: Now, your hand!
Jafar: How about my foot?
[Jafar kicks him off the ledge]
Aladdin: No!
[Abu jumps onto Jafar]
Jafar: Get off me, monkey!
[the cave closes with Aladdin still inside]
Iago: Soiled monkey.
[just then Jafar notices that he doesn’t have the lamp and yells out]


[Abu offers the lamp he’d taken off Jafar to Aladdin]
Aladdin: Abu. How did you…? You crafty little monkey. Now, all we'd like’s a approach out. Hey, carpet, have you learnt a approach out of right here?
[carpet points to the lamp]
Aladdin: The lamp?


[Aladdin rubs Genie’s lamp and Genie emerges]
Genie: O nice one who summons me. Horrible one who instructions me. I stand by my oath. Loyalty to needs three.
[Aladdin is speechless with shock]
Genie: I mentioned, O nice… Excuse me. Boy, the place’s your boss? Assist me out right here, the place’s your boss? If I used to be going to speak to myself, I coulda simply stayed within the lamp.
[Aladdin is still shocked and speechless]
Genie: Whats up?
Aladdin: Um…
Genie: Use your massive boy voice.
Aladdin: I’m speaking to a smoking blue big?
Genie: No! I'm not an enormous. I'm a genie. There’s a distinction. Giants aren't actual.


Genie: The place’s your boss?
Aladdin: Um, my boss?
Genie: Look, child, I’ve been doing this a very long time, alright? There’s all the time a man, you already know. He’s cheated someone, or buried someone, or, I imply, you get my level. The place’s that man?
Aladdin: I do know that man. He’s outdoors.
Genie: So, it’s simply you and me down right here, and a monkey. That’s your private enterprise, however we going to wish to speak about that monkey later. Such a fairly little monkey. So, you rubbed the lamp?
Aladdin: Uh-huh.
Genie: Okay.


Genie: Hey, do you thoughts if I simply stretch it out over right here? Do you thoughts?
Aladdin: Uh, are you asking me?
Genie: You’re my grasp.
Aladdin: I’m your grasp?
[as he stretches]
Genie: Downward canine!
Aladdin: No, no, no. You seem like try to be my grasp.
Genie: Proper, however that’s not fairly the way it works although.
Aladdin: How lengthy have you ever been trapped in right here?
Genie: A few thousand years.
Aladdin: A thousand years?
[he makes himself look like Aladdin]
Genie: “A thousand years?” Child, is it me, or does like every little thing shock you? So, you actually don’t know who I'm? Genie, needs, lamp? None of that ringing a bell?
[Aladdin shakes his head]
Genie: Wow. Nicely, that’s a primary.


[after he raps for Aladdin]
Genie: I’m the perfect. Yeah. Not sufficient, huh?
Aladdin: Uh…
Genie: I’m kidding. Watch this.


[after Genie’s finishes singing Friend Like Me]
Aladdin: So, how does it work?
Genie: You’re kidding, proper? The entire music was the directions! Clearly you may’t dance and hear on the similar time.


Genie: So right here’s the fundamentals. The first step, rub the lamp. Step two, say what you need. Step three, there is no such thing as a step three. See? It’s that straightforward. You get three needs. They have to start with rubbing the lamp and saying, “I wish.” Received it?
Aladdin: I believe so.
Genie: A pair different guidelines. You may’t want for extra needs. Three is sufficient. Now, I can’t make anyone love anyone. Or convey anyone again from the useless. Be happy to interrupt me anytime you don’t perceive. I’m kidding. Don’t ever interrupt me, it doesn't matter what. Now, I normally don’t must undergo all this, as a result of by the point the man will get to me, he just about is aware of what he desires, and it usually has to do with tons of cash and energy. Do me a favor, don't drink from that cup. I promise you, there’s not sufficient cash and energy on earth so that you can be happy. Good?


Genie: So, what’s your first want?
Aladdin: Mm, effectively, I've to consider it. I imply, if there are solely three. Why are there solely three, anyway?
Genie: I don’t know. Who cares?
Aladdin: You don’t know. I assumed you had been all-knowing?
Genie: That’s since you don’t hear. I by no means mentioned I used to be all-knowing. I mentioned I used to be omnipotent. Essentially the most being within the universe. Look, no matter I don’t know, I do know I can be taught it, facet within the solar.


Genie: Why you taking part in onerous to want? I do know you may’t inform, however I’m very pale. That is sky blue. My pure pigmentation is navy. Give us some solar!
Aladdin: Okay, Genie. I want so that you can get us out of this cave.
Genie: Oh, yeah! He has made his first want!


[after Genie has gotten them out of the cave]
Genie: Contained in the lamp, every little thing’s like, brass! Brass! Brass! Brass! Like, “Ooh, is that some copper? Nope! Brass!” Type of the issue with the genie life. Phenomenal cosmic powers, however itty-bitty residing area.
Aladdin: So, is that this magic? Or are you magic?
Genie: Uh, type of a bundle deal.


Aladdin: So, do I've to make all my needs right here? I imply, if I take you again to Agrabah, received’t individuals…?
Genie: No, no, no, no, no. I can look completely regular.
[makes himself look overweight]
Aladdin: Proper. Completely regular.
[then he turns himself to look more like his human self, but still blue]
Aladdin: Nonetheless blue.
[he changes his color to his normal human color]
Aladdin: Do we'd like the highest knot?
Genie: That’s my little cherry on high.
Aladdin: Okay, okay.


Genie: So, what are you going to want?
Aladdin: Oh, I haven’t considered that.
Genie: Mm. You actually aren't that man.
Aladdin: Okay. So what would you would like for?
Genie: Nobody’s ever requested me that earlier than. A simple one although. I want to be free. To not must say, “Can I help you? What would you like? Welcome to the lamp. May I take your order, please?” Freedom. I want to be human.
Aladdin: Why don’t you simply set your self free?
Genie: [laughs] Carpet! Did you hear what this boy mentioned? Why don’t I set myself free? Solely approach a genie will get to be free is that if the proprietor of the lamp makes use of one among his needs to set him free. And the final time that occurred was just like the fourth of By no means-ary.
Aladdin: I’ll do it. I’ve acquired three, proper?
Genie: Really, you may have two left. You used one to get out of the cave, bear in mind?
Aladdin: Did I? Or did you? I assumed I needed to be rubbing the lamp?
Genie: Okay, little road boy. Let’s rewind the tape.
[uses his magic to look back and we see Aladdin passes the lamp to Abu to rub the lamp as he makes his wish]
Genie: Ooh! The outdated monkey with the lamp trick. By no means seen that one earlier than. Maintain my eye on you.
Aladdin: At the least now I can use my third want to set you free.


Genie: Right here’s the factor about needs. The extra you may have, the extra you need.
Aladdin: That’s not me.
Genie: Hm. We’ll see about that.


Aladdin: However there's something.
Genie: Uh-oh. Seen that face earlier than. Who's she? Who’s the lady?
Aladdin: She’s a princess.
Genie: Aw, aren’t all of them? Deal with your girl like a queen, I all the time say.
Aladdin: No. No, she’s an precise princess.


Aladdin: Hey, are you able to make me a prince?
Genie: There’s a variety of grey space in “make me a prince”. I may simply make you a prince.
[he uses his magic to create a prince]
Aladdin: Oh, no.
Genie: However you’d be snuggled up with that dude for the remainder of your life.
[from the distance]
Prince: Yoh! Y’all seen my palace?


Genie: Be particular together with your phrases. The deal is within the element.
Aladdin: Received it.
Genie: Which I don’t actually perceive, as a result of if she already likes you, why change?
Aladdin: I advised you, she has to marry a prince.
[the prince genie created earlier is still there, in the distance]
Prince: I simply need to go dwelling, man.
Genie: [to Aladdin] Okay, I can try this.


[after transforming Aladdin into a prince]
Genie: The Genie! The Genie’s on fireplace! The Genie’s on fireplace, people. Someone cool me down! Someone put me out! I’m an excessive amount of! So what do you assume?
Aladdin: I prefer it.
Genie: After all you prefer it, boy. I made it.
Aladdin: I believe that’s me.
Genie: Strictly talking, it’s me. I imply, I did many of the work. You had been simply standing there. However I hear you.
Aladdin: However received’t individuals acknowledge me?
Genie: No person will acknowledge you. That’s how genie magic works. Individuals see what they’re advised to see.
Aladdin: Proper.


[as he’s trying to impress Sultan with Jasmine watching]
Aladdin: Now we have jams!
Jafar: Jams?
Iago: Jams.
Aladdin: Sure, jams. Yam jams. Fig jams.
Dalia: [to Jasmine] Yam jams!
Aladdin: And date jams. Seedless. Scrumptious, unique jams.
[quietly to Aladdin]
Genie: Transfer. Away. From the jams.


[to Aladdin after he messes up his first meeting with the Sultan]
Genie: In ten thousand years, I’ve by no means been that embarrassed.


[as they are about to enter the party]
Genie: Don’t fear. You aren't out of the sport but. Simply do no matter you usually do at a celebration.
Aladdin: I’ve by no means been to a celebration.
Genie: What?
Aladdin: What?
Genie: Oh, you going to wish to return to the room then. You’re not messing up my night time.


[referring to Jasmine]
Genie: Okay, there she is. That is your probability.
Aladdin: You recognize what, there are lots of people. I don’t assume I can do that.
Genie: You’ll be advantageous. Okay. This one’s going to be straightforward. Ooh! Have a look at her handmaid. She’s going to get some punch. Feeling a bit thirsty myself.
Aladdin: No. No, no, no, no. You may’t depart me. They’ll see proper via me.
Genie: No, they received’t. All you need to do is stroll over there.
Aladdin: And converse. I even have to talk.
Genie: Okay, hearken to me. I stay in a lamp. However it is a celebration. Don't mess this up for me. Aladdin: Okay? I’d prefer to celebration. Go get her!


Genie: What are you doing?
Aladdin: I’m simply ensuring the water’s a superb temperature.
Genie: Why are you not over there?
Aladdin: How am I imagined to compete with that? Have a look at him. He’s so princely.
Genie: You've got to be extra assured about what you need to supply.
Aladdin: What do I've to supply? Data of learn how to steal meals? The way to soar between buildings? Now, Prince Ali, he has jewels.
Genie: Cease, cease, cease. I made you seem like a prince on the surface, however I didn’t change something on the within. Prince Ali acquired you to the door, however Aladdin has to open it.


Genie: It’s showtime.
Aladdin: No, I’m ready for the suitable second.
Genie: No, no. No ready. We’re achieved ready.
Aladdin: No. I’m in cost, okay? I say when it’s the suitable second.
[Genie uses his magic to float Aladdin closer to Jasmine]
Aladdin: Actually? Actually?


Aladdin: Who wants maps anyway? They’re outdated and ineffective, and don't have any sensible worth.
Jasmine: Maps are how I see the world.
Aladdin: I assumed a princess may go wherever?
Jasmine: Not this princess.


Aladdin: You must see these locations. I imply there’s a complete world outdoors of books and maps. Do you need to?
Jasmine: How? Each door is guarded.
Aladdin: Who mentioned something a couple of door?
[Aladdin steps over the balcony]
Jasmine: What are you doing?
Aladdin: Generally, Princess, generally you simply must take a danger.
[he suddenly jumps off the balcony]
Jasmine: What simply occurred?
[just then Aladdin floats up on the magic carpet]
Jasmine: Is that this…
Aladdin: A magic carpet. Do you belief me?
Jasmine: What did you say?
Aladdin: Do you belief me?
[he offers his hand and Jasmine takes it]
Jasmine: Sure.
[Aladdin helps her get on the magic carpet and they fly off]


[singing “A Whole New World”]
Jasmine: A complete new world.
Aladdin: Don’t you dare shut your eyes.
Jasmine: 100 thousand issues to see.
Aladdin: Maintain your breath, it will get higher.
Jasmine: I’m like a capturing star. I’ve come to this point
Jasmine and Aladdin: Let me share this complete new world with you.


[after she figures out that Prince Ali is Aladdin]
Jasmine: However how may I not acknowledge you?
Aladdin: Individuals don’t see the actual you once you’re royalty.


Aladdin: She found out I used to be Aladdin. You mentioned that wouldn’t occur.
Genie: Wow. I imply, genie magic is absolutely only a facade. In some unspecified time in the future, the actual character’s all the time going to shine via. However that’s a superb factor, proper? Now, she is aware of.
Aladdin: Nicely…
Genie: Nicely, what?


Genie: Ultimately, you'll have to inform her the reality.
Aladdin: Ultimately, I'll inform her. Anyway, I type of am a prince now.
Genie: Oh. So that you’re going to drink from that cup.


Dalia: You don’t assume possibly you need to consider him as a result of you need to marry a prince however you may’t marry a thief?
Jasmine: No. I consider him. I do.


[to Sultan and Jasmine]
Jafar: So that is how it will likely be. Not even the title of sultan would wake the herd from their sleep. I ought to have recognized. If you happen to received’t bow earlier than a sultan, you'll cower earlier than a sorcerer. Genie, I want to turn into probably the most sorcerer there may be.
Genie: As you would like, grasp.
[we see Genie transform Jafar into a sorcerer]
Iago: This might be enjoyable.


[as Aladdin tries to take the lamp]
Jafar: If it isn’t our Prince Ali.
Jasmine: Ali!
Jafar: Or ought to I say Aladdin.
[he uses his magic to turn Aladdin back into his street clothes]
Jasmine: Aladdin.
Jafar: He’s been pretending the complete time. An impostor. There isn't a Prince Ali. There by no means was. He’s nothing however a mendacity thief.
Aladdin: I’m sorry.
Jafar: You’re insignificant. An irritation I not must tolerate as soon as I guarantee your agonizing loss of life by banishing you to the ends of the earth.
Jasmine: No!
[Jafar uses his magic to send Aladdin to a frozen wasteland]


Jafar: I may merely kill you all. However that will be insufficient reimbursement for years of humiliation and neglect. “Remember your place, Jafar. You forget yourself, Jafar.”
Sultan: Jafar.
Jafar: No. What you want, Baba, is to endure, like I've suffered.
[he uses his magic to start hurting Sultan]
Jasmine: Baba?
Jafar: Watching me rule your kingdom be sufficient?
Jasmine: Cease!
Jafar: However watching my armies devour your toothless allies…
Jasmine: Please, make it cease!
Jafar: No, probably the most appropriate punishment could be to make you watch, whereas I take what you like most.
Jasmine: No! Baba!
Jafar: And marry your daughter.
Dalia: No!
[Jafar uses his magic to hurt Dalia]
Genie: No!
Sultan: She is going to by no means marry you.
[Jafar continues to hurt Sultan]
Jasmine: I'll do as you would like! Make it cease! Make it cease.
[Jafar stops killing Sultan]


Imam: Your Highness, Sultan. In honesty and sincerity, do you settle for Princess Jasmine…
Jafar: Sure. Sure, I settle for. Princess.
Imam: Princess Jasmine, do you settle for the Sultan to be your husband?
[Jasmine hesitates]
Jafar: Come on, girl!
Iago: Settle for.
Jasmine: I…
[she hesitate again]
Jafar: Sure?
Jasmine: I don't!
[she takes the lamp from Jafar’s belt and runs off]


Jafar: Because the outdated man mentioned, “You should have left Agrabah when you had the chance.” I advised you earlier than to assume larger. You possibly can have been probably the most man within the room. However now, I maintain the lamp. I maintain the ability.
Aladdin: You may’t discover what you’re on the lookout for in that lamp, Jafar. I attempted and failed, and so will you.
Jafar: You assume so? However I'm Sultan! I'm the best sorcerer the world has ever seen. I'll create an empire that historical past can not ignore. I can destroy cities. I can destroy kingdoms. And I can destroy you.
Aladdin: True. However who made you a sultan? Who made you a sorcerer? There'll all the time be some factor, some man, some being extra than you.
Genie: What are you doing?
Aladdin: Genie gave you your energy, and he can take it away.
Jafar: He serves me!
Aladdin: For now. However you’ll by no means have extra energy than the genie. You mentioned it your self, you’re both probably the most within the room, otherwise you’re nothing. You'll all the time be second.
Iago: Second. Second.
Jafar: Second?! Solely second? He serves me! I'll make sure that nobody will ever say these phrases once more!


Jafar: Genie, for my remaining want, I want to turn into probably the most being within the universe! Extra than you!
Genie: Lots of grey space in that want. However, uh, probably the most being within the universe, coming proper up!
[Genie transforms Jafar into a genie]
Jafar: Essentially the most within the universe! Eventually! Second to nobody! And I assumed I had energy earlier than! First, I’ll lay waste to these fools in Sherabad.
[as tries to use his magic to destroy Sherabad, he finds he can’t do it]


Jafar: What have you ever achieved to me?
Aladdin: I haven’t achieved something to you, Jafar.
Jafar: What have you ever achieved to me?
Aladdin: This was your want, not mine. A genie might need phenomenal cosmic powers…
Genie: However an itty-bitty residing area. You see, a genie with out a grasp, goes again of their lamp.
[Genie brings up Jafar’s lamp]
Jafar: I cannot neglect you, boy! Mark my phrases. I cannot neglect what you may have achieved to me.
Iago: Goodbye, Jafar.
Jafar: Parrot! You’re coming with me!
[he grabs Iago as he gets sucked into the lamp]


Genie: Alright, final want. Let’s get it.
Aladdin: Okay. Final want. Genie…
Genie: I’m prepared. Maintain on. Right here we go.
Aladdin: I want…
Genie: The third and remaining want.
Aladdin: I want to set you free.
Genie: What? Woh. Oh! Wait.
[his genie shackels starts to disappear and becomes human and free]
Genie: Am I… Wait, wait, wait. Um, inform me to do one thing.
Aladdin: Um, give me some jams.
Genie: Get it your self? Get your personal jams!
[Aladdin and Genie embrace each other]
Genie: Thanks. Thanks.
Aladdin: No. Thanks, Genie. I owe you every little thing.


Aladdin: What are you going to do now?
Genie: Um, really, there may be this handmaiden that I'd like to journey the world with. If she’ll have me.
Dalia: When will we depart? Additionally, I need youngsters.
Genie: Sure. Two of them.
Dalia: Lian and Omar, three years aside. They are going to worship us each and ask a number of questions. And you'll entertain them with tales and songs.
Genie: We’ll have a ship.
Dalia: A big one with a number of ranges and luxurious sails.
Genie: I used to be considering extra of a a smaller one.
Dalia: Excellent.
Genie: Excellent.


Sultan: Sit with me, my little one. I’m sorry.
Jasmine: Baba, why are you…?
Sultan: Please, let me end. I feared shedding you, like I misplaced your mom. All I noticed was my little lady, not the lady you may have turn into. You've gotten proven me braveness and energy. You're the way forward for Agrabah. You shall be the following sultan.
[he kisses her hand]
Jasmine: Thanks, Baba.
Sultan: As sultan, it's possible you'll change the legislation.
[referring to Aladdin]
Sultan: He is an efficient man.
[Jamsmine kisses his forehead]


[last lines; as Aladdin is walking away from the palace]
Jasmine: Cease, thief. Your sultan instructions it.
Aladdin: Sultan? Does that imply I’m in bother?
Jasmine: Solely since you acquired caught.
[they kiss, then we see them getting married and celebrating their new life together]

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