90 Best New Year Quotes, Wishes & Messages For A Happy 2022

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The holidays have (finally) come to an end, which means another year is closing and a new one will soon begin. It's about that time where many of us reflect on the past year and start thinking of what we would like to accomplish in the year ahead.

One great way to get yourself motivated for a Happy New Year, especially when things have been as tough as they've been worldwide in a year like 2021, is by reading and sharing the best inspirational quotes you can find.

The most inspiring Happy New Year quotes and wishes are those that remind you that no matter how hard things may be and no matter how much you've lost, the universe is constantly surrounding us with opportunities to grow, create, love, cherish and heal.

We won't even try to sugarcoat the challenges you've probably faced this year, and honestly, there's no reason to. We cannot wipe the slate clean before 2022 begins. What we can do is look at the events of the past year as lessons and opportunities to do and be better as individuals and as a human collective.

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It's time to acknowledge the good and bad we've all been through in the last year and use both as an stepping stone for enhancing new experiences and opportunities as they come our way.

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