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The words you choose matter a lot in parenting. Your kids are impressionable, and language (words) embodies thought, which is why choosing the right words of encouragement matters.

As a parent, you want your kids to be the best they can be, to feel good about themselves, to live fulfilling lives, and, ultimately, be happy children that become happy adults.

And since your children are looking to you for words of encouragement and to be a role model, giving them positive affirmations and inspirational quotes to draw from when they're in uncertain situations can be incredibly empowering.

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When they hear your words, their minds open to new possibilities. This starts when your kids are very young and continues until their brains are fully developed at about age 25. So, when you want to be a good parent and give your kids the best possible chance of growing into happy, healthy adults, fostering a growth mindset is key.

Laying a foundation before your child reaches his or her teenage years is especially important because that’s when they’re exploring who they are, building their self-esteem, and facing numerous obstacles. What you say to them can make the difference between them getting discouraged and feeling empowered to overcome challenges.

One way to inspire your kids and build their resilience at the same time is to share thought-provoking stories, sayings of hope, or inspirational quotes. They’ll feel good about themselves, realize they aren’t alone, and be open to the rich possibilities life has to offer.

And the good news is there are a ton of inspirational quotes and encouraging words for kids you can use to better your parenting skills and help your kids develop a positive mindset and respect to draw from, no matter the circumstance.

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