62 Good Comments To Post On Your Friends’ Instagram Pics

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Do you ever see your best friend, the platonic love of your life, drop such a gorgeous, jaw-dropping photo, your heart stops for a minute, but you're not sure what to comments on your friend's post in order to properly celebrate her for the goddess she is?

You know your friend deserves the attention, and want to do everything you can to hype to them up.

You are their confidante, their photographer, and their cheerleader. It's practically your job to be the first like on their every Instagram post, as well as the first in the comments singing their praises. After all, a true best friend is supposed to be there to make sure they don’t flop.

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People need to know your bestie is the greatest, but how can you possibly do that succinctly in less than 50 words without writing a super intense soliloquy that would drive everyone (including her potential suitors) away?

It is a really careful balance to strike. Too raunchy and you might get your best friend reported. Too inside-jokey, and no one will get it.

Because this is not between the two of you, it is the two of you and also her hundreds of followers, you need to keep the comments on your friend's post professional, but heartfelt — and we put this list of Instagram comment ideas together to help you out.

62 Things to Say to Your Best Friend in Instagram Comments to Hype Her Up

Good Comments for Instagram

1. Blessing my feed once again.

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