60 Best Grandparents Quotes For National Grandparents Day 2021

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Believe it or not, but National Grandparents Day — celebrated annually on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day, so coming up next on September 12, 2021 — was originally thought up by a child.

That's right! Little nine-year-old Russel Capper wrote to President Nixion asking for a special day to celebrate his beloved grandparents in 1969. Unfortunately, Capper got a response from President Nixon's secretary saying they couldn't do that. Cue sad face emoji.<

Fast forward a few years to 1978 and activist Marian McQuade created an initiative called "Adopt a Grandparent", which eventually got President Jimmy Carter to establish National Grandparents Day as a holiday. Today, Marian McQuade is credited as the Founder of National Grandparents Day, but I find it fitting that it was a grandchild who originally asked for it.

If you couldn't tell, the holiday created especially for Grandma and Grandpa is here again, so we've gathered some of the best grandparents' quotes to help you say "I love you" in the sweetest way possible.

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Whichever way you choose to celebrate this year on Sunday, September 12th, we should still take this day to remember all the good things in our life that we sometimes take for granted, like our Grandparents. Those amazing people are always there with a warm hug, nostalgic stories, or a baked snack that makes everything bad fade away.

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