59 Not Good Enough Quotes & Wise Sayings To Uplift You

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Relationships can be messy. And sometimes we enter into one thinking this will be great and that your partner can do no wrong. But the reality is, after the honeymoon stage has come and gone, your partner will start to show his true colors.

While some people are ready and mature enough for a relationship, there are plenty who shouldn’t be in a relationship ... for a while. But we also have to remember that it’s OK for men (and women) to not be ready for a relationship this very second of their life.

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It’s even more important to know that their immaturity does not mean that you aren’t good enough, but when you do feel that way, these not good enough quotes will help you feel less alone.

59 Not Good Enough Quotes For When You Feel Less Than You Are

1. “Nothing will knock you down quicker than offering the best of yourself to someone and it still not being good enough.” — M.W Poetry

Take time to open up to people. You'll find some don't deserve you.

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