55 Deep Emotional Quotes About Life, Love & Other Struggles

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We've all been in the kind of situation where someone asks you how you’ve been and all you can say is, “It’s been a rough couple of months.” Life is hard for everyone at times, and no matter how much you try to explain, no one else can truly relate to your situation if they've never experienced it themselves.

And when a rough patch has turned into what feels like a rough life, it can be hard to see anything as falling on the bright side.

These are the times when it feels like in life you just can't catch a break and you constantly wonder why life has to be so hard. It feels like everyone and everything is against you, like it wouldn’t matter if you disappeared because no one seems to have any sympathy for you.

All these thoughts can make you emotional. And no matter how many times someone tells you to cheer up or get over it, it still feels like life is pulling the rug out from underneath you.

But with emotional quotes and emotional lines, you can put your feelings into perspective.

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