54 Best Jersey Shore Quotes & Unforgettable Moments From MTV's Most Popular TV Show

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On December 3rd, 2009 the world was forever altered. That was the day that the MTV series "Jersey Shore" first premiered. We were introduced to Paul DelVecchio or "Pauly D", Jennifer Farley or "JWoww", Samantha Giancola or "Sammi Sweetheart", Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Nicole Polizzi or "Snooki", Michael Sorrentino or "The Situation".

We followed these six wonderful weirdos around Seaside Heights, New Jersey as they spent their days working in a souvenir tee-shirt store and their nights drinking and partying excessively. They were almost Shakespearean in the way that they created words and phrases and implemented them into the modern English language with such ease and grace that I think many of us have forgotten their original origins were rooted near the beaches of New Jersey.

You may recognize phrases like “DTF” and “Granade”. They all washed up on those beaches with a margarita and a spray tan and a low tolerance for alcohol.

After three seasons of the Jersey shore, MTV execs decided to take the show on the road and head down to Florida for season four. This was moderately well-received, so somehow a plan was put in place to do another season on the road. In Italy. Sensing that most of the cast identified as Italian, the idea was to highlight the juxtaposition of daily life in Italy vs. the daily life of Italian-Americans on the Jersey shore. It was the strangest season of all.

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