53 Unhappy Memes For Those With A Dark Sense Of Humor

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Why is it that those of us who are unhappy find ourselves laughing at memes depicting struggles we relate to?

Those struggling with mental illnesses such as depression or even just feelings of general unhappiness often feel alienated from their peers and family members, and so memes can make us feel seen and validated.

Research also shows that people with depression may gravitate toward dark humor because of cognitive reappraisal, which is the way someone alters their interpretation of an event that happened to them.

Meaning, memes may help someone who's depressed reevaluate their situation and change their perception of their own negative thoughts. 

That said, here are 54 unhappy memes that you'll probably relate to. 

1. "I am pretty good at turning every place I go into my personal hell."

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2. "Me after any minor inconvenience: 'Oh. It's okay, I guess I wasn't meant to have a good life.'" 

3. "When I show up looking like s—t: 'My demons won today. I'm sorry.'" 

4. "Me carrying my emotional baggage."

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