51 Best Halloween Quotes - Spooky Halloween Love Quotes

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It's Halloween-time, and there are Halloween quotes for every mood you are feeling this year from spooky to funny to (eerily) romantic.

That's right. Be prepared for the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins who will be out there looking for love on Halloween night. What? They need it too!

The best Halloween quotes don't have to be creepy and crawly. In fact, some of the most famous love quotes are from gothic horror novels like "Dracula." Remember, even Frankenstein's monster had a bride!

If you're thinking of sending a scary story to a friend, posting a creepy quote on your timeline, or captioning your Halloween instagram pics and want to find something to write besides a boring "Happy Halloween," use one the Halloween quotes below to give your October 31 that special extra something.

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Below are some of our favorite Halloween quotes, including cute, funny and spooky love quotes from classic romantic horror movies and novels.

Best Halloween Quotes

1. "My experiments did not turn out quite like yours, Henry. But science, like love, has her little surprises — as you shall see." — "Bride Of Frankenstein"

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