50 Inspirational Russell Brand Quotes On Love, Recovery & Spirituality

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You may remember Russell Brand from his roles in big films like "Get Him to The Greek" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," as the heartthrob who was married to Katy Perry (lucky girl!), from his stand-up comedy performances or now as the wildly popular and insightful thought leader and host of his "Under the Skin" podcast where he discusses "revolutionary politics and spiritual awakening."

He seemed like the typical “actor-type” at first glance; handsome, a little bit eccentric, maybe even cocky.

But over the past several years, Brand has gone quite a bit deeper, and many of Russell Brand's recent quotes are pretty darn inspiring!

Aside from his movie career, Brand has blossomed as a talented author and respected activist, living a life that is far beyond ordinary. He's also sparked his fair share of controversy surrounding his formerly promiscuous lifestyle, his transparency about drug use and recovery, and his lectures on politics, spirituality and a wide range of cultural topics.

Reading through this collection of witty, intelligent, and inspirational things Russell Brand has said or written, you'll see he certainly knows more than a thing or two about being your authentic self, going after your dreams, forging your own path and deciphering truths.

If following your heart in today’s world full of restrictions and societal norms seems scarier than taking out thousands of dollars in student loans, check out some of the things this quirky man has said.

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