50 Girl Boss Quotes & Boss Lady Mantras To Keep You Motivated

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For the longest time, I struggled with the concept of being a Girl Boss and what Girl Boss quotes were all about.

I think a lot of it has to do with being a woman in a society that doesn't necessarily always favor us. For example, a man and woman can be doing the same thing but a man is a boss and a woman is just bossy. But it's high time we own that boss babe title.

What does Girl Boss mean?

A Girl Boss has a sense of confidence and awareness about where she stands in this world. A Girl Boss means being yourself and pursuing your own ambitions with confidence.You have to take ownership of your own life. You do you.

Motivating a girl with words isn't that hard with some inspiring quotes. Give her a sense of pride in herself. Hype her up to be the girl boss she is.

Reassure her that she won't always fail at things and that failure is just one more step closer to figuring things out. Encourage her with girl boss quotes for life.

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If you want, send her this article filled with inspiring boss lady quotes to show her how much she's worth.

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