50 Best Stress Quotes To Help Calm Your Anxiety

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The trials of everyday life can leave any of us feeling like we have to do more than we could ever handle.

That's why the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) established every first Wednesday in November — this year, November 3, 2021 — as National Stress Awareness Day "to increase public awareness and help people recognize, manage, and reduce stress in their personal and professional lives."

It's can be hard to calm yourself down when you're stressed out, but it's important to do what you can to ease your worries and focus on the present moment.

Your overall health and well-being will thank you.

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You can try working on a puzzle, playing with your cat or dog, making something healthy for dinner, writing in a gratitude journal or taking a long bath. It may feel weird to put yourself first, but when you take some solid time for yourself, you will find that you can handle your stress load a lot easier.

We gathered the quotes about dealing with stress and anxiety below as reminders you can turn when it all feels overwhelming.

50 Stress Quotes About Dealing Anxiety To Help You Stay Calm

1. "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." — Lou Holtz

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