49 Best Friendship Memes & Best Friend Memes 2021

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What better way to send your best friends some love than by sharing the best friendship memes?

Having someone who is always there to give you a shoulder when you need to cry, an ear when you need to vent, or even just a hug when it feels like the world is crashing down around you is important. And that’s why friendship is so unbelievably special.

What better way to celebrate friendship than by laughing at some funny friends memes that the internet has to offer about situations you've likely found yourselves in before?

Good friend quotes should make you pee in your pants from laughing so hard.

We’ve found the best friendship memes all about the joys and pure silliness that friendship represents, and we’re sharing them with you and your best friends.

These will make you laugh until you cry and say, "That's us!"

Here are the best friendship memes to share with your friends that will have you and your BFF cracking up!

1. Let's get this right: you're MY friend.

"When people call my best friend their best friend."

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