40 Best Labor Day Quotes & Inspiring Sayings About Hard Work

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Labor Day is a day to honor the works and contributions made by laborers in every career force.

This year, Labor Day falls on September 6, and may be a bit more solemn than it in years past as we are still working our way through a confusing pandemic, with many people still out of work or working from home.

Everyone in the workforce deserve praise for their courage and bravery, especially frontline workers, as well as some much-needed rest. In between whatever celebrations you may have planned, take some time to reflect and thank the people who work hard and carry on with these motivational Labor Day quotes.

What is Labor Day and why do we celebrate it?

First recognized all the way back in 1894, Labor Day is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September to honos the achievements and hard work of American citizens.

The first Labor Day parade technically took place on September 5, 1882, when workers took a day off of work to march in New York City.

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Today, we continue to take that day off to appreciate hard work with parties and parades.

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