37 Red Wine Quotes To Celebrate National Red Wine Day 2021

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If you’re looking for an excuse to pour yourself a glass of delicious red wine, good news! Red Wine Day is here on August 28th!

There’s no better way to celebrate National Red Wine Day than by indulging in your favorite red blend while sharing some fun red wine quotes.

Red wine is one of my personal favorites because of its many health benefits. Drinking a moderate amount of red wine has been shown to aid in staying heart healthy, combating inflammation, and living longer.

The occasional glass won’t hurt your waistline either. At only 125 calories per glass, red wine is much healthier than your typical cocktail.

Ever wondered what makes red wine different than white? It’s all about the grapes! White wine is made with white grapes to give it a crisp taste while red wine is made with red grapes for that bold taste we all know and love.

Red wine contains more health benefits than white wine because of its fermentation process. To make red wine, the skins of the grapes are left on during fermentation to offer an array of tasty benefits and create a deep red color.

Red wine also surpasses white wines' alcohol content, coming in at 3.1 grams of alcohol per glass vs. white wine's 2.9 grams.

If you’re concerned with carb consumption you may want to go with a red due to its low amount of carbohydrates. While both are relatively low in carbs, red wine has just four grams per glass vs. white wine's five grams.

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