30 Opportunity Quotes To Motivate You To Seize The Moment

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In life, there are moments you might feel discouraged and maybe feel tempted to give up.

It can seem hard to hold out faith that opportunities are just around the corner, and that motivation to hold on can easily dwindle.

You might be looking for inspiration to seize the moment and conquer any obstacles that may come your way.

Here are 30 quotes about opportunity to help you motivate to seize the moment.

1. “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

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2. “Turn your obstacles into opportunities and your problems into possibilities.” – Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

3. “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” – Francis Bacon, The Essays

4. “We often miss opportunities because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison

5. “Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again.” – Henry Ford

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