30 Funny 30th Birthday Messages, Quotes, Memes & Jokes

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of your 20s. Ok, ok, calm down. Jokes about turning 30 aside, congratulations! We hope these funny Happy 30th Birthday memes will help you celebrate!

For some people, turning 30 can certainly feel like a kind of death. The death of your youth. The end of an era. And if that sounds morbid, that's because it is. Let me explain...

It's not turning 30 years old that is the sad part; it's the way society has conditioned us to believe that no longer being in your 20s somehow means your life doesn't hold the same value anymore. This is especially true for women. Double standards, particularly those related to physical attractiveness, can make turning 30 feel understandably hard.

As someone who has "crossed over" to the other side of that particular big birthday, I can tell you that the negatives associated with turning 30 only exist in our minds.

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Age is literally just a number. You don't become 30 and all of a sudden morph into a version of one of the Golden Girls, although if you did, hey, there are far worse fates.

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