28 Winter Solstice Memes To Distract You From The Bitter Cold (2021)

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For those of us who don't get any seasonal changes, it can be difficult to tell when it's actually winter (and not just a random day with a 30-degree temperature drop that will be back to 90 by noon).

Luckily, we've learned that it starts on the longest night of the year — the winter solstice on December 21, 2021.

And thanks to some funny winter solstice memes, we can sarcastically learn the difference between what feels like winter and the actual first day of winter.​

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But winter — for most people who don't spend the majority of their time laying on the beach — is a really big deal, filled with snow, ice, shovels, layers of clothes, heaters, glass scrapers, and fireplaces. So it's understandable that the coldest season of the year doesn't seem to get as much praise as its warmer counterparts.

With the exception of everyone feeling giddy with cheer during the holidays and singing songs like "Let It Snow" and "White Christmas," winter actually looks pretty miserable. Have you seen all those people shivering on the TV as they line up in the middle of New York City in their warmest coats and layers to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve? That can't be fun. Even the performers can't keep a tune as they hold their mic, which probably feels like an ice cube.

Yeah, no thanks.

You're probably not prepared for months of cold and whatever other bombshells 2022 will drop as the days get colder.

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