28 Best Taylor Swift Friendship Quotes From Song Lyrics

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There's something about listening to music and hearing words that totally relate back to your friendships. Some of the best Taylor Swift quotes from her song lyrics remind us so much of issues that we can all relate to.

You always thought your best friend would be there for you. You had faith in each other's loyalty and that's why she was allowed to do things — like keep your favorite shirt at her place, or know about that secret you kept from everyone else.

You let your guards down with each other. Things were safe, and the core of your relationship was knowing no matter what the world, a guy, or family threw your way, you had each other's backs.

A part of you knows why you don't talk anymore, and the other part can't believe it's true — now you have bad blood.

Losing a best friend is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through because it feels like someone took a piece of your heart that you can't ever grow back. There are friendships that end and you don't know why, and you really don't care that they did.​

Other friendships last a season and then they end — the reasons are clear, so it's not really that big of a deal.

But when it's your very best friend, it doesn't really matter which way it went down, the bottom line is it hurts.

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