25 Gordo Granudo Memes to Clap Again on the Haters

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The rise of the web brings concerning the creation of Gordo Granudo, the last word image of basement dwelling. Right here, we see somebody who spends an excessive amount of time on-line. He hardly ever goes out, or helps out, for that matter. What he likes doing finest is wreaking havoc together with his antagonism whereas cooped up within the basement of mommy and daddy’s home. Gordo Granudo, we name him, for some unknown purpose, will decide something and anybody mercilessly. What he gained’t do is query his personal objective and usefulness for the great of the world. The place he will get his false sense of delight remains to be a thriller.

Listed below are 25 Gordo Granudo memes as a result of basement dwellers can’t have all of the enjoyable.

They Name Me Gordo

Born In A Nation

Complains Being Bullied

Butthurt Dweller Thread

Can’t Exercise

ComplainsAbout Cell Telephone

Making Us Extra Civilized

Declare To Have Religion

In A Fantasy World

Flunk Out Of College

I Can’t Go To Mattress

I’m Smug

Kirk Is Higher Than Picard

Seems to be Down On Different Individuals

She Seems to be At The Keyboard

Name God A Magical Wizard

Emma Watson’s MySpace

My Voice Is Deep

Bought A New Job

Accuse Christians On-line

Publish Anti-Faith Threads

Declare Your Spiritual Science

A Professional-Christian Video

Waste A whole lot Of

I’ve Watched A Lot

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