21 Funniest Dad Joke Memes For Father's Day 2022

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I'm certainly not a dad, but I do have one, and for better or for worse, I seem to have irrevocably inherited his sense of humor and love of dad jokes, memes, and corny puns.

In other words, I am a mom who cannot stop myself from telling funny (to me) "dad jokes" whenever one comes to mind — no matter how much I internally beg my own mouth to stop — and this happens on a far more frequent basis than I would like to admit.

Because now, of course, the very moment those super "punny" words leave my lips, I instantly imagine myself growing that snorting, chortling face over my own.

So, what else is a girl to do with Father's Day just around the corner but offer the man who helped give her life with the things he loves most in the world? You can never go wrong with dog memes, really funny puns, and corny dad jokes you find on social media.

Be prepared this Father's Day with some funny relatable memes, puns, jokes, and riddles to let him know just how much you care about him and his sense of humor.

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For both my dad and yours, here are the very best funny (and super corny) dad jokes, memes, and tweets to say, "Happy Father's Day!"

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