20 Emily Dickinson Quotes From Her Best Poems

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Emily Dickinson, whose birthday was December 10, 1830, was a poet known for her reclusive lifestyle.

Many of us today, being increasingly reclusive ourselves, have grown to appreciate the incredible woman more and more over time.

Dickinson was a 19th-century baddie who forged her own path despite societal pressures to become a wife and mother and nothing else. She was formally educated, had a mind for literature and science, and was in love with her brother’s wife — heartbreaking, I know. She used her wit and intellect to do as she pleased and tell everyone to get out of her way.

Dickinson knew what it was like to want to be out in the world while unable to venture out there. And in her poetry, we can find solace reading of her own experiences and the ways she challenged her depressive thoughts.

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Dickinson wrote poems in playful tones, introspective tones, and sometimes depressive tones. So no matter your current mood, there is sure to be a quote from one of Emily Dickinson's poems you can relate to and that will help you think and feel in new dimensions.

Her agony over her isolation is easily translated into the woes commonly felt during coronavirus quarantine. Dickinson’s hope for freedom from her numerous metaphorical prisons can give us hope for freedom from ours. And she can teach us so much about the limitlessness of our minds. It is our minds that will free us.

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