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These memes are a tribute to the God-tier seems to be and attributes of the good Benedict Cumberbatch.

This Sherlock Holmes actor captured the hearts of many. Members of his intensive fanbase even name themselves the Cumberbitches. Whereas his seems to be are flawless, his very attention-grabbing identify leaves him open to a number of puns and memes.

Try what the witty denizens of the Web have created for this younger actor when it comes to memes.

Bandersnatch Cumberbund

benedict cumberbatch bandersnatch cumberbund meme

Bear in mind When Bear Grylls Obtained Stung By Bees In His Face

benedict cumberbatch bear grylls meme

It’s Benderwazzle Clodderhop

benedict cumberbatch benderwazzle clodderhop meme

Folks Inform Me That My Canine Appears to be like Like Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch benedog cumberpooch meme

Wait A Minute

benedict cumberbatch beneficial cucumber meme

Oh My God

benedict cumberbatch beryl cumsatchel meme

Bicycle Muggersnatch

benedict cumberbatch bicycle muggersnatch meme

4 Footage Of Bonedump Crunclepack

benedict cumberbatch bonedump crunclepack meme

Bornadick Gayerbatch

benedict cumberbatch bornadick gayerbatch meme

Breaded Camembert

benedict cumberbatch breaded camembert meme

Rinkydink Capncrunch

benedict cumberbatch buffalo custardbath meme

Burntisland Cowdenbeath

benedict cumberbatch burntisland cowdenbeath meme

Isn’t That The Identify Of The Man That Performed Sherlock Holmes

benedict cumberbatch butternut crinkle fries meme

Mmmm I’d Positive Like To Get Me A Slice

benedict cumberbatch crumblecakes meme

Benedict Cucumber Batch

benedict cumberbatch cucumber patch meme

Benedict Cucumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch cucumberbatch meme

What Would Blended Cucumber Tastes Like

benedict cumberbatch krabwatch meme

I’m Going To Kill You Brendadirk Cramplescrunch

benedict cumberbatch name meme

Once I Discover Myself In Occasions Of Hassle Benedict Cumberbatch Comes To Me

benedict cumberbatch words of wisdom meme

Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

eggs benedict cumberbatch meme

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