16 Trust After Cheating Quotes To Help You Recover From Infidelity

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The unthinkable has happened. You’ve been in a relationship and out of nowhere — or maybe you had suspicions — you find out your S.O. has been cheating on you.

You are completely broken. You gave them everything, you put all of your trust in them. It's hard to understand how they could do this to you. Why would they turn to someone else? How much of your relationship was real — and how much was a total lie.

How did you ever trust them? And now, how can you learn to trust again after their cheating has you questioning yourself and your own judgment?

You watch every sad rom-com you can find. God forbid you come across a movie with a cheater in it. Your popcorn will be all over the floor as you weep. This is horrible.

Then you look everywhere for answers. It's hard to know where to go for support when you're feeling so devastated and alone. But looking to these trust after cheating quotes can help you get over the person who cheated on you, rebuild your confidence and remind you how to rebuild your trust in others and in yourself.

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You will trust and love again — and finding some comfort in these trust after cheating quotes can be a first step toward doing that.

1. "Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever repair."

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