118 Quotes About Missing Someone To Say ‘I Miss You’

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Missing someone — and I mean really, really missing someone — is one of the worst feelings, plain and simple.

That person could be gone for one day or a few weeks and it can still feel like an eternity. And let me tell you, when you start to miss someone as soon as they leave, you’ve got it bad.

It doesn’t matter if you fall in love easily or if it takes you months just to give a guy your phone number — when you finally find someone who is your best friend and significant other all rolled into one, you know that someone is special.

Deep love like this means a lot of things; you have a more positive outlook on life, you are willing to try new things (as long as your man does, too), and you start thinking about the future, even if the idea growing old together used to freak you out.

Being this connected to a person can also mean that missing them almost feels like a broken heart, which is where these missing you with all of your heart quotes come in handy.

Sure, texting and video chatting can work to an extent, but there really is nothing that can compare to actually being with your love — especially when you miss them so much.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t text or call your significant other when you miss them. When it comes to making long-distance relationships work, and even in just times when the two of you live nearby can’t be together for a long time, communication is key.

Whether you want to get naughty over FaceTime or just call and text each other to talk about your day, communication is what makes missing someone you love not seem as bad (almost).

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