115 Best Thanksgiving Instagram Captions For Your Turkey Day Posts

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so hopefully, you have your outfit and plans all laid out.

Whether you'll be spending Thanksgiving alone, with just your partner, with friends or with family, the right Thanksgiving Instagram captions will help you share your gratitude with all of your loved ones and followers on social media.

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You may choose to post a cute family pic, your fire Thanksgiving fashion, or the delicious spread you put together (or, you know, order in), here's to being thankful we have so many ways to connect with others online, even when you can't in person!

115 Best Thanksgiving Instagram Captions For Your Turkey Day Posts

Funny Thanksgiving Captions

  • #stuffed
  • Hit me, gravy, one more time.
  • Is Butter(ball) a carb?
  • Pies before guys.
  • If there’s leftover pie, you’re just not trying hard enough.

  • The best Thanksgiving outfit involves a pair of stretchy pants.
  • It’s all gravy from here.
  • When in doubt, stuff it.
  • Just here for the pie.
  • All about that baste.
  • Grateful for elastic waistbands.
  • Always be my gravy​.
  • I can't cook, but I can eat.

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